15 March, 2015

Hollywoodism: the West’s Unofficial Religion

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“Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews…” — actor Marlon Brando, during a TV interview, April 5, 1996. By the way, Brando was not an “anti-Semite.”


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  7. 7 Responses to “Hollywoodism: the West’s Unofficial Religion”

    1. Mary O Says:

      Completed listening to a number of audio-books in the Pendergast series (sort of a modern Sherlock Holmes).

      Pendergast is a wealthy New Orleans native, who works as a special agent for the FBI. Most of his family, despite their education, and excellent manners, are criminally insane. (Tennessee Williams).

      His Watson is always a NYC cop, usually one Sgt. D’Agosta, who is always upstaged by his infinitely more competent, know-it-all girlfriend, Captain Laura Heywood.

      Pendergast mourns the passing of his much-beloved wife, Helen. They had been lion-hunting together in Africa (Ernest Hemingway), and although she was much more skillful in hunting, more courageous than her husband, and a much better shot, the lion chewed her to bits.

      Many years later, Pendergast realizes that Helen had actually been set up! Her gun had been loaded with blanks (by an otherwise obsequious native), and a specially trained man-eating lion had been sicced on her (oh, no).

      Who had wanted to murder his wife? Why?

      An organization is running a laboratory in a remote swamp in Louisiana. They ruthlessly murder any potential witness to their mysterious experiments on a particular virus.

      Helen apparently had been witness to at least part of their operation.

      Another witness to their activities is shot multiple times, and as he bleeds to death, his wife is tortured to her death with a broken Coke bottle.

      Another member of this organization has attempted to assassinate D’Agosta. Then, a reporter is stabbed brutally in cold blood, his body dumped in Riverside Park.

      At last, one of Pendergast’s assistants, a brave Goth girl, who is attending John Jay College, breaks into an apparently abandoned, but heavily fortified, townhouse on the Upper East Side (NYC). She discovers the true identity of this gang of sadistic thugs.

      Who could be responsible for the long insane spree of senseless violence?

      [Get ready.]

      The remnant of the Yorkville Heights German-American Bund.

    2. Big Man Says:

      Are you saying you are an anti-semite?


    3. Mary O Says:

      The term anti-Semite is highly misleading. The implication is that the person dislikes or disagrees with Jews; however, modern Jews are 90% Ashkenazi, and therefore not Semite.

      Plus, the prefix “anti” is deliberately vague to cause confusion and intimidate people. The term carries an insinuation that the anti-Semite is vicious criminal who wants to kill 6 mil Jews, but the word could encompass anyone who doesn’t like bagels.

      The authors blame crimes on the Bund which would be more typical of Mossad. The Bund’s activities were strictly social, cultural and political, and included protests against the boycotts of German goods, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the US being dragged into WW2.

      Had the authors blamed a Latino social/political org, and depicted Latinos as crazed sadists, such hate-inciting rhetoric would not be tolerated.

      My point is that contemporary fiction is saturated with a Cultural Marxist agenda.

      Detective novelists particularly should be savvy enough to sleuth out the Hoax. Their protagonist can supposedly intuit the truth through multiple layers of subterfuge, but his creators are supposedly naive? More likely, they know the publishers are Jewish, so they will write whatever pleases them without any respect or fairness to White groups.

      Another problem with this series is that the authors follow a growing pop-culture trend in equating white skin to having a strange appearance, an icy personality and a certain tendency towards or fascination with evil.

      Pendergast is frequently described as very tall, slender but athletic, with blond hair, finely chiseled features and “alabaster” complexion — but never as handsome, attractive, striking, even though good looks esp. in a tall man attract attention, and would draw a response from both men and women.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Big Man”….Big Faggot would be more accurate.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey, Big Moron, you meant to write wigger, not “Whigger”. I never belonged to the Whig Party, fuck-wit.

      It’s losers like you that are the reason this site no longer gets any visitors or comments. Nice job, asshole.

    6. Greg Roberts Says:

      Have to agree with Socrates in general. If you cannot see the anti white bias in Hollywood and the media you are blind…especially if you are white. I dont blame blacks or Hispanics either. If someone was giving me a free ride I probably take it. But Jews, if they dont have an anti white, anti american agenda, I dont know who does. They are bigger Christian haters than the Moslems. I dont consider myself a radical, I am just telling it like it is and has been for the longest time.

      As much as I patronize it, the USA would be better off without Hollywood.

    7. Mary O Says:

      Is it more about territory than religion?

      Is the purpose to make sure that we do not feel that any public venue is ours?

      For example, Starbucks. Is the purpose of confronting people over racial politics actually to make us feel that we are not welcome, despite espresso and pastries being a very European tradition?

      Only rarely does a contemporary mainstream movie seem interesting. The characters and situations just do not resonate. The popular books follow the same patterns.

      One common meme is the minority who dies tragically young, thereby saving the author from making the plot in any way convincing.

      Example: “Innocence” by Dean Koontz. The young protagonist is afflicted by a mysterious condition which causes other people to hate him and attack him violently. He is saved from a mob by a man who adopts him, and whom he calls “Father.”

      Father suffers the same condition, and both live in hiding, observing and studying the society which has rejected them through old tossed-away newspapers and magazines. They also visit the library after dark. They have long talks about philosophy, their suffering and the meaning of life.

      Father tragically dies, and the now-teenage boy is alone for a while until he meets a young Goth girl who also shares this mysterious condition. From then on, she dominates the whole story. She knows far more about their strange affliction than Father and he had ever guessed, and she has invented much more creative ways to cope. The young man’s knowledge of how to navigate the underground of the city, and the books he and Father have read are forgotten. She is the “Star of the Show,” and from the time she appears, the young man is just along for the ride.

      In the end, a photograph reveals that Father was Black. Of course, given the dire and extreme circumstances in which the two main male characters found themselves, a close familial relationship is certainly not implausible, but not without at least some conversation about race.

      Therefore, the surprise twist seems contrived; almost chiding the reader for assuming that Father is White.

      Plus, where would the author go with the plot? Would Father take a back seat to the little genius
      Goth girl, too?