5 March, 2015

Michael Brown’s Family Will Sue Ferguson and Cop

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But don’t worry, your White tax dollars will pay for the defense against the lawsuit.


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  7. One Response to “Michael Brown’s Family Will Sue Ferguson and Cop”

    1. keith singleton Says:

      Brown and Trayvon were equally armed when they were shot. Powder burns prove they were even steven armed at that point. You are all lying pigs repeating the same lies. Ferguson crooks need to be wiped out. They are so spoiled they not only do not run off after robbing, they try to murder innocent cops and watchmen who did nothing to them. Fuck these pigs. The cops need to step up their game and shoot more of these disgusting pigs. You do not get to try and kill innocent people just because some others are abusive. Daddy never came home, get over it.