2 March, 2015

Oh, This Is Rich: Leon Trotsky’s Pamphlet, “Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It”

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A brutal Jewish communist leader tells how to fight an ideology that was founded to oppose communism. What a kike Trotsky was. To be a communist is to play word games in order to confuse and alienate people. Confused and alienated people are easy to manipulate. Fascism was merely a reaction to communism [1]. Marxists are so full of shit that, in Spain during the Spanish Civil War (circa 1938), they murdered many fellow communists who weren’t ideologically “pure enough.” In fact, during that same time period, Joseph Stalin murdered the entire Polish communist party [2]. He killed his own people!


[1] Italian fascism – not the type found in the confused, semi-leftist Fascio di Combattimento of 1919, but the later, perfected version of it found in the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF) – was a logical reaction to leftist revolutionaries and to modernism in general. Yet today, sneaky Jews go around saying that fascism is “left-wing” in order to prevent conservatives from looking to Hitler’s Germany for solutions to the problems of the West. Make no mistake, newbies: fascism is right-wing, although it has a few features that are also found on the Left, e.g., “big government”

[2] source: the Black Book of Communism, page 198, internet edition

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