21 March, 2015

Oregon: Anti-Fascists on Video

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An anecdote: the former leader of White Revolution, Billy Roper, was attacked by two anti-fascists and struck in the face with a tire iron in July, 2001. Why was he attacked? Because he is pro-White. That’s a “crime” according to anti-fascists. (By the way, the two anti-fascists who attacked Roper were acquitted of the crime by a Black judge even though it was caught on videotape). Note that the slogan on the sign carried by one of the anti-fascists was coined by a Jew named Otto Klineberg [1].


[1] Klineberg said that “there is only one race: the human race” (it’s a slogan that the Jews themselves don’t believe: look at the apartheid and racism in Israel)

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    1. Howdy Doody Says:


      The White descendants who made CA. OR and WA great lost it after 1965, like the South did. The NYC, Chicago and Hollywood trash moved to the rural areas and cities and worked their magic on US.

      Neil Goldsmuck was put in office, and his story will never be told, not by this media, and so what ever weirdo are put in to office they will do exacatly as told to do, and never mind what Whites want, as they are feverishly working on importanting tens of thousands of non White savages to the NW, and the chinks are coming in big time too.