19 March, 2015

White Art

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This type of beautiful bronze sculpture (above) was common in living rooms in American and European households circa 1925, but you rarely see it today. Now, you see various cheesy, plastic junk made in China (e.g., an artificial flower arrangement, complete with a plastic vase!).

  • 2 Responses to “White Art”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good observation about the public’s deteriorated taste in art. These days it seems that “kitsch” is all the rage…pink plastic lawn flamingos, silly garden gnomes, black velvet paintings of dogs playing cards. Well, I have a bust of Thomas Jefferson and Augustus Caesar on my desk, dammit…..right next to the lava lamp and Stewie Griffin bobble-head.

    2. Melanie Says:

      To mention, Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements were the last of the great arts from Europe, which showed the pride and rich folk heritage of the European peoples. They told narratives like poetry. It was highly stylized but had an elegant and spiritual nature.