25 April, 2015

Everything’s Political Today, or, Making Jewntiles

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Jews are very political people. They politicize everything: food, plumbing supplies, automobiles. As a result of the Jews controlling our pop culture (e.g., newspapers, magazines, movies, TV shows), things that shouldn’t be political, such as the opening of a restaurant, are political.


  • 3 Responses to “Everything’s Political Today, or, Making Jewntiles”

    1. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Why were jews ever let into Western Countries? What were the first inroads they made into Gentile societies, wasn’t it through trade? Well that is their modus operandi to infiltration find enough dupes and then take over the country.
      I found some comments made during viewing of PBS “The Wolf House” to be very revealing. In the dialogue between Thomas Cromwell and some minor Princeling, he tells him that the world is ruled by the people in the counting houses of Florence and Antwerp, and not the people controlling fortresses.

    2. Rigor Mortis Says:

      The jew is the worlds premier huckster, their isn’t one fiber of truth in that entire carcass, there doesn’t appear to be any antitode to the jews in multi-racial or multi-cultural societys once the tapeworm attatches itself to the intestinal walls, primarily the anal openings, its a sure bet it will bring the host done. As with the proliferation of roaches in a warm humid climate the jew becomes ever more aggressive in his torture of the victim. The last redoubt of the human mind must be subjected to round the clock jingles by the jew. The religion of the jew is parasitism, and Xianity is the brain child of the Kike to destroy the White mans mind.

    3. fd Says:

      The opening of a restaurant is political. I believe it. During the civil rights campaign, restaurants in the South placed signs in the window that read ‘Whites Only’ :)