5 April, 2015

Speaking of White Superiority…

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I knew a man who traveled extensively throughout Mexico. He said, “nearly every day, I’d see a dog or a horse near death from malnutrition or disease. Or, I’d see dogs kicked or hit with sticks for little or no reason. Whenever I pointed out the problem to either the owner or a relative of the owner, they’d simply shrug.” Animal abuse is much more prevalent, and is punished much less severely, in the non-White countries than in the White countries. In some non-White countries, there are no laws against animal cruelty. That says a lot about non-Whites [1][2][3][4].

[1] “As of 2006 there were no laws in China governing acts of cruelty to animals.” — Wikipedia (see how the Chinese treat dogs)

[2] “In Colombia, there is little to no control over cruel behaviors against animals…” — ibid.

[3] in Saudi Arabia, “…there are no laws to protect animals from cruelty since the term is not well-defined within the Saudi legal system.” — ibid.

[4] Don’t be fooled by the animal-rights crowd into believing that hunting animals, farming with animals, circuses and zoos are the same thing as willful abuse and neglect. They’re not the same thing

  • 5 Responses to “Speaking of White Superiority…”

    1. -JC Says:

      Circus work including especially standing on concrete is pretty rough on elephants; RINGLING BROTHERS says they plan to quit using them as an attraction eventually. Specifics here, https://www.elephants.com/newsList.php



    2. nom nom nom Says:

      German masculinity puts restraints on cruelty.

      Everyone else from Jews and Muslims on down define masculinity in terms of cruelty: eating dogs, dog fighting, cock-fighting, bile bears, bear-baiting and firebombing civilians, using famine as a war weapon.


      The more Jewed the world, the crueler it gets.

      “These men know the pathos of life and mortal things touch their heart.”


    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      We all know how the Chinks and the Mexicans brutally mistreat their own people, so do you think they are going to treat their dogs and livestock any better?

    4. fd Says:

      Mexicans have a long history of abusing animals. I once saw a group of Mexican kids severely torture a turtle.

      Nature has already decided that White people are a higher development. White separation is our job.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Jews in their ‘holy books’ actually boast and celebrate their cruelty and genocidal activity. They really are a bunch of sickos.