5 April, 2015

“White Privilege Theory” is Now Part of U.S. Military Doctrine

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And to think that White men built the U.S. military! (Let’s pretend, just for the sake of argument, that White Privilege is a real thing and not part of Cultural Marxism: White Privilege is perfectly acceptable because Whites gave the world to mankind and therefore Whites should be located highest in the human pecking order [1]. So either way you look at White Privilege, WNs are right and the Jews and leftists are wrong).


[1] Western culture is far superior to any other culture: it gave the world the telephone, the phonograph, television, the refrigerator, air conditioning, the airplane, the automobile, the camera, the mechanical clock, indoor plumbing, concrete, universities, and “most important of all,” democracy; yet, for some reason, the Blacks and Browns never thank us for all of those things

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    1. Non Ame Says:

      Back when I was in they called it COO training: Consideration Of Others. They should have called it COON training because all it consisted of was a dumbass nigger platoon sergeant lecturing the company on all the evil white hate groups that we needed to refrain from joining or supporting and how displaying the Confederate battle flag in our barracks rooms was offensive to our fellow nigger soldiers. They may have given an honorable mention to the Black Panthers and La Raza, but I can’t recall.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Why are patirotards marching in parades for helping alien Nation wrecking war mongers.

      The teens from the end of WW 2 are idiots if they still think that was a good action as it was the defeat for Whites World wide.

      Just look around your self today.

      I do believe the regime wants Whites to be a minority in the legions as soon as possible for the next step.

      Look to history to see what the crazed bastards do when they get the upper hand, read what Truman said of them with the upper hand or George Patton where was murdered and only idiots don’t understand that.

      Douglas MacArthur could not go to press to expose the criminal alien traitors then, because of their weaponized news media then.

      Read Edwin M. Wrights final statement at the Truman Library to fully see the media situation in 1948. Vicious liars and attack dogs, like today.

      The net has to be shut down as the last 15 years is the first time since Wilson came in to office that they have been exposed for the like of Walter Duranty joonewlism as a NYT’s reporter in Russia lieing bastard.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Read “Lewis Walt’s ” “THE ELEVENTH HOUR” 1979 to see journalism at work in the Korean war 1950. Lewis Walt USMC 1936 to 1979 RIP

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Needless to say Bathhouse Barry Soetero and his gang of Social Marxist faggots are behind all of this. But I’ll say it anyway.

    5. fd Says:

      The government and military is international. I don’t care what those people do.

    6. brenda peters Says:

      What respect can anyone have for the military when they promote bestial dog humping amongst the troops? Pathetic white people can’t think or reason beyond: ‘if the authorities say so, it must be’. My dad was a gung ho WWII vet, “get them nazi”s and he still couldn’t figure out he got screwed fighting hymie’s wars before he died.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      When Ikey was elected in 1952 Joe McCarthy was pressured to take Roy Cohen of NYC as his chief investigator, who as very filthy man. Ike stabbed Joe in the back, and any investigations to clean out the previous twenty year of USSR agents and spys was over. All the vets that were awake and older wanted to have some trials and more, but nothing happened with no POTUS support and the jackals of the Weaponized media meant the war was really over by 1953 and we lost.

      Then in 1965 FDR protegee got White survivors of the depression and the WW 2 children in a meat grinder for nohting, while LBJ with pals in NYC opened our borders, and suddenly Whites lost the right to say NO to niggers, they could not not be refused and have been warring US every since.

      LBJ a criminal who never got a trail and Nixon was made out ot be the bad man when he gave the LEFT everything on a platter.


      B. Peter’s, yes I hear you.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Trial, not trail.