24 May, 2015

Double Standards, Re: Jews

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(Above: a yarmulke, a.k.a., a kippah)

You’ve probably seen it: a gentile leader gives a speech to a Jewish audience (or he visits Israel) and, while doing so, he always wears a Jewish yarmulke, which looks like a little cap. Yet, when a Jewish leader gives a speech to a gentile audience (or he visits America), he doesn’t wear a cross in honor of Christianity. Why doesn’t he have to honor the Christian faith just as the gentile leader must honor Judaism? Jews are arrogant people who live by two different standards.


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    1. rigor mortis Says:

      Jew are more than arrogant, and obnoxious, they are lethal to the survival of the White race, doesn’t matter how many generations they live among us, they never lose their identity or the dna they possess which is stored in the mitochondria, its imprinted in their psyche. You can only deal with them if you have mental powers that exceed theirs, and since xianity came into being they have manipulated the White man to commit suicide through intranational struggles, through religious wars,through pollution of every fabric of the society.

    2. fd Says:

      Con man, Rand Paul:


    3. Mary O Says:

      Generally, you will note that all nonwhite politicians and public figures get away with a lot more than our people do. For example, the mayor of Baltimore who told the police to stand down, simply stated that her remarks were taken out of context. The media immediately moved on.

      Yet how would they react to a White public figure who made such a statement in response to some violation of political correctness? We would hear about their pc transgression 24/7 for the next year! Why the big difference in how Whites are treated?

      Much of our culture is based on how to behave: for example, traditionally White children are taught not to complain all the time. We are taught to simply deal with hardship on our own. Independence is highly valued.

      Most authority figures will cave in at a certain point of complaining. That is why we were taught to not complain unnecessarily; not to “rock the boat.” We are supposed to support leadership, and organizations; not tear them down.

      We also trust that these authorities understand that we are coping patiently with various hardships, and that our restraint will be recognized and rewarded eventually.

      But we need to guess again.

      They read our restraint as stupidity and weakness.

      We can break them down with loud persistent complaints much more easily that we imagine. Look at the attention the whining Ivy Leaguers got over Ovid. Columbia U professors are going to think twice over what they ask those spoiled lazy li’l hipsters to do.

      One critic of proposed academic “trigger warnings” pointed out that most college faculty (75%) are non-tenured, and therefore don’t have sufficient institutional support to enforce any decision regarding the “trigger-ness” of an assignment. In other words, the students could just gang together, and shout them down; possibly forcing their resignation or dismissal.

      That’s an interesting concept: institutional support. We Whites don’t have any support from employers, political parties, universities, churches or the government. A nonwhite basically has to try to get fired, but Whites are considered a dime a dozen.

      We are taken totally for granted.

    4. fd Says:

      A.H. :

      “But his intelligence is not the result of his own development, but of visual instruction through foreigners.”

      “. . . he lacks the last touch that is required for real greatness; even here he is not the creative genius, but a superficial imitator . . .”

      “For what sham culture the Jew today possesses is the property of other peoples, and for the most part it is ruined in his hands.”

      Hitler’s words read as though they were written the day before.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Written today is more like it.

      Their hyper sneering hostility and war mongering with the their held back laughing with their media BS patriotardism used on our public Red Guard controlled public schools is genocide.

      Young healthy Whites for hundred 100 have been murdered in their connived promoted insane wars against our own interest.

      When 90% of US were against war in Oct. 1941 FDR gives US high treason and the Hollywood/NYC media helped out. 90% America First and Silver League were in the news reels weekly.

      Whites in the US were not brain rinsed by kike them! Older White men were pissed about Wison and WW lies and bs.

      I knew a WW 1 Vet who ended up n a German hospital after his position was over run, and he ended up marrying his German nursed and taking her home and they had four children. He told that WW 1 was wrong.

      The very arrogant over playing of the kikes hand can be seen readily in how they react to Whites on any truths of history, and since the crime of mass murder and insurance in NYC kike are now snarling arrogant with Whites.

      The eviljellycultist back in that NYC crime were hysterical to coming of Lord with glazed over eyes. These kike shepherded duped mostly low IQ with thug Sciopath pervert traitors leading are fifth columnists period, even if the majority are just fools.

    6. fd Says:

      I meant Hitler’s words seem as though they were written yesterday instead of the 1920s. The quotes I posted were lifted from Volume 1 Chapter 11 Mein Kampf.

    7. nom nom nom Says:

      Jewish genius in America’s national labs could never find a way to fit a skull cap on Ronald Reagan, as far as, I know. It drove them up the wall with global frustration.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jewish genius in America’s national labs could never find a way to fit a skull cap on Ronald Reagan, as far as, I know. It drove them up the wall with global frustration.

      Ronnie had his hair lacquered into place. Haw-haw.

    9. Larry Sunde Says:

      So I take it that this a Nazi or White Supremacist website? Just curious

    10. Socrates Says:

      Larry Sunde Says: So I take it that this a Nazi or White Supremacist website? Just curious

      Yes. Welcome aboard, Larry.

    11. melvin polatnick Says:

      There is too much mud thrown at the nasty Ashkenazim, but goyim also are a stinking bunch. Never have I met an honest goy, Most refuse to admit Jesus was a fake. Stop using pictures of an ugly long nosed Hassid as representative of the beautiful American Ashkenazim. Calling my people ugly is not fair when most goyim women over 40 are fatter than a whale and smell like rotten fish. Again I am stating that 90% of the Ashkenazim are extremely shrewd and clairvoyant, but some goyim bums continue burning up with jealousy and hatred.

    12. fd Says:

      The majority of Jews are uglier than a can of worms. Physically inferior. Too many Mongoloid/Asiatic dna markers. You know, with the slope head and hook nose. They also make the best liars. A hard bent desperate people who practice the art of deception.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Those jew-boys are ugly as hell but many of them get to schtup some fine-looking shiksas. Ever see Alan Colmes’ trophy shiksa wife? She’s one of the dumb gentile blondes on FOX Jews and the sister of that uncouth right-wing tramp Monica Crowley.