2 May, 2015

Sweden Getting Ready for More Brown Invaders

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Swedish official #1: “We are making sure that Sweden will be able to accommodate millions of Brown immigrants!”

Swedish official #2: “Ja! This new plan will help to transform Sweden from a first-world White country into a third-world shithole. But that’s okay, because diversity is great!”


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    1. melvin polatnick Says:

      The odor free Swedish beauty was grabbed by Tiger. Now millions of Mud guys want a taste of that white stuff. Its a sexual thing that is causing the exodus to the blond blue eyed nation. No force can stop the stampede of hot lovers.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      melvin polatnick Says:
      2 May, 2015 at 8:17 pm

      Thank you Ribbi.


      Get back to your ghetto/

    3. Howdy Doody Says:


      FDR and his NYC/London cabal with major murder wars ending in our defeat in 1945 was our defeat, because these insane murdering criminals then could turn their attention to the annihilation of White’s World wide with OUT any fears of a WHITE reprisal as they got control with their media and paid faggots promoted and placed in to office in every former WESTERN Nation.

      N.Z. had a BULL DYKE for over TEN years as a PM. I read where she said her worst day in life was the fake marriage to a man to get in to the PM position.

      Remember that Senator from Idaho, what was his name Craig or something ? The one who was TOE TAPPING IN PAY TOILET STALLS IN THE CHICAGO AIRPORT. I think he resigned his arrest too. After I post I will remember his conservative idiot name.

      Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s last book before he died was “200” Years together” IT will never be published in English.

      Russia is threatened again in 100 years.

      What they did to Russia is unknown to eviljellicultist fifth column dangerous idiots, and they do not want to know. Back over a decade ago when I would still try to converse with these cult members it was a complete waste of time, as they hate anything their gang leaders do not talk about or might be a cause for the to ponder or THINK.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      Live Not By Lie’s. April 1974.

      Never have these word been needed more than right now.

      When he was released and his book The Gulag Archipelago, was released in 1974, the NPR Nasal Voice’s were whining and really NO White’s at large had any idea at all who he was.

      The NPR local fags were whining HE’S a Christian fanatic, a fascist etc. OY VEYING THEY WERE.DFB’s!

    5. Howdy Doody Says:


      Here it is. Larry Craig, R. ID.

      He should have made friends with Barney who gave the back stabbing ussa japs reparations in the billions back in the late 1980’s with media winks.

      Conservatives are not White’s friends.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Sweden is NOT committing suicide, it is being murdered.
      Although the Swedish summer is pleasant the winter season is dark cold and pretty miserable. Without central heating the climate is testing even for a White man. Nigs and muds cannot possibly survive the rigors of our ancestral home without all sorts of freebies; subsidized housing, heating, food, transport, ‘education’ and the like. Who will pay for these freebies? Taxation on the home hi-tech firms; Hasselblad, BioRad, Ericson etc. will eat into profits and make their products uncompetitive, resulting in the collapse of the industries supporting the liberal largess.

    7. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I could only watch about 5 minutes of the video since my anger was reaching a boiling point. The “new”Stockholm will just be a feeding and breeding zones for the brown subhumans headed to Sweden. There will be Rotherham type sex scandals in Sweden where young teen Swedish girls are prostituted by the subhumans. Eventually the subhumans will begin ethnically cleansing the Swedes when their numbers equal or exceed the native Swedes.

      And to the anti-anti semitic race realists (cough, AmRen): we’re not doing this to ourselves. This has been forced upon us by the kikocracy, but I will admit that a sizable number of depraved white goyim have signed on to acquire personal wealth and further political careers, but race replacement policies did not originate with them.

      It was jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre who admitted that the jewish people were at the forefront of multiculturalizing Europe and American general Wesley Clark (jewish on father’s side) that stated multiethnic states would be forced upon Europe.