9 May, 2015

The Korean War: Another Illegal U.S. Military Action

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“The UN did not at any time have any role in the command of the forces that operated in Korea in 1950-1953.”

That may sound odd to Joe Citizen, but the funny thing is, the UN had no legit authority over war in Korea anyway.

America sat on its ass and did nothing while Asia turned communist. Actually, that’s not quite true. It was certain U.S. Jews that helped China turn communist, paving the way for other parts of Asia to do so. Anyway, did our Congress declare war on North Korea? No. In fact, you name the war that America fought and it was illegally fought in one way or another. Very rarely has a U.S. war been legit (e.g., the War of 1812, which at least seemed legit, if I recall my history correctly). (Trivia: my dad fought in Korea on a USMC 105mm howitzer crew).


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  7. 20 Responses to “The Korean War: Another Illegal U.S. Military Action”

    1. George Lenz Says:

      The war in Korea was a US war of aggression against the Korean people that made a free and informed choice for communism at that time. Instead of supplying weapons and training, the US army and US navy unlawfully, improperly and unwisely intervened in Korea and was swiftly defeated by the victorious North Korean people joined by Chinese and soviet volunteers, and tens of thousands of US aggressors, who committed many war crimes against the Korean people, were justly killed in Korea.

      To avoid a nuclear war, suggested by general McArthur, a negotiated settlement was established dividing Korea into South Korea and North Korea that established peace in Korea that holds to this day.

      The North Korean communist regime carrying the policy of self-reliance indeed should be contained with appropriate US and international weapons sanctions. Nevertheless, in the future both Koreas are likely to re-unite into one Korean country possessing nuclear weapons, which are essential to protect the Korean people and the territory of Korea from foreign aggression that during centuries was repeatedly committed against the peace-loving Korean people by foreign peoples and foreign states.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      With out Stalin being saved by FDR and his NYC/LONDON enemy alien Cabal uncle Joe as FDR called him would not have been their to give supplies to the NK and CHICOM’s. Fact the chinks would not have attacked with out Stalin helping period, and Stalin believed would wipe US out.

      The use of nukes was justified.

      Fact Douglas MacArthur was resigning to go home and prepare in early 1950 for the 1952 POTUS election

      Read the Eleventh Hour, by Lewis W. Walt USMC 1936-1979 Published 1979. Only one review last time I looked at Amazon and itz bogus.

      Douglas MacArthur’s Inchon Landing literally saved the day, and the general never wanted nor planned any war in Korea.

      The entire Inchon Landing was prepared and done with 100% secrecy as every reported to foggy bottom got to NYC and then to Stalin and the Chicom’s fact.

      Complete secrecy.

      Korea was war booty like or not, and Japan got Korea due to Teddy POS Roosevelt who was awarded a Noble peace prized to ending the short war with Russia and China in 1904.

      In 1900 Jacob Shiff of NYC and London brethren loaned Japan 45 million dollars and sent British and German naval engineers to build Japan a modern Naval fleet of that time second to none.

      Japan attacked Port Arthur at Sunrise on a Sunday morning in 1904 sinking Czar Nicky’s entire fleet and murdering all on hands.

      RUSSIA was our Allie with a treaty to that effect and we fucked them.

      By 1911 President against his will stood in the White house with enemy aliens smiling about a majority house bill passing against his wishes nullifying our treaty and setting up for WW 1.

      We are hopeless today.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      It’s good that we can talk about past historical events and in doing so help bring the truth to light, but apart from us is anyone listening or even care?
      Our whole race is going to the shitter and jews are laughing all the way to the bank, but at most the brain dead can only talk about some fixed fight in Vegas.

      Getting back to Korea; it wasn’t worth one White man’s life. All wars fought for any zog country are not in our interests and are inherently dysgenic. Our grandfathers and others of “the greatest generation” should have said, ‘fuck Asia, let it go commie’.

    4. Non Ame Says:

      How ironic that after all the wars the US fought to “contain” communism, the US is now more communist than China and getting worse every month. Virtually all of Marx’s Ten Planks are in full effect in the US.

      I’m grateful to know all the history that is hidden from us. I’ll never carry a rifle for ZOG nor will any of my children or anyone else who’s mind I can sway. But like CW-2 asked, does it really matter? The simple-mindedness of the masses is what makes them the masses. Without a massive counter-propaganda campaign from a pro-White media, the jews have our balls in a vise.

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      The jooish NYC media incited acceptance of the Vietnam war to distract US from open borders, and allowing niggers to free range in a one sided race war and allow them to marry and breed with mostly low caste White wome, but to incite Congoids with daily porn to rape WHITE’S too.

      LBJ’s Gulf Of Tonkin Vietnam circus instigated by Eugen Rostow and his brothers as serious issue since 1960 to meat more healthy White men and smash our remaining communites, and promote DRUGS and excessive drinking was the reason for the war. Only a fool can see this.

      By 1960 alien media with the regime help had defeated all White Resistance except for a few men like George Rockwell and Dr. Oliver.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Eviljellicultist’s were cultivated in the 1960’s culture with money help and joos for Jesus fake shepherding it all the way . Today we have a huge fifth column that dominates a so called White party.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:


      Irving R. Levine
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Irving Raskin Levine (August 26, 1922 – March 27, 2009)[1] was an American journalist and longtime correspondent for NBC News. During his 45-year career, Levine reported from more than two dozen countries. He was the first American television correspondent to be accredited in the Soviet Union. He wrote three non-fiction books on life in the USSR, each of which became a bestseller.


      1 Early life and education
      2 Career
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      6 External links

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      Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Levine graduated from Brown University.

      Levine went into journalism, starting at the Providence Journal as an obituary writer. During World War II, he served with the Army Signal Corps.[1]

      After completing graduate school at the Columbia University School of Journalism, Levine started working for the International News Service. He covered the outbreak of war in Korea in 1950 and began freelancing for NBC News. He joined them in 1950 as a correspondent. During his career, he reported from more than two dozen countries. These included the USSR, where in 1955, he became the first American television correspondent to receive accreditation. He had accompanied some American farming experts there, and stayed for four years to report on the country.[1] He later recounted that during 1955, he was approached to be a Soviet spy but he refused and, despite threats and being followed, managed to continue reporting.[2]

      He was named bureau chief of Rome, where he served for nearly 12 years, also being stationed in Vienna and Tokyo. His reporting on Europe included accounts of the 1961 construction of the Berlin Wall by East Germany; the Vatican II Ecumenical Council, which opened in 1962; and the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the USSR.[1]

      Upon returning to the U.S. in 1971, Levine became the chief economics correspondent for NBC and reported from Washington, DC. He was the first full-time economics reporter for the network.[1] TIME magazine described him as a “pioneer” in economics reporting on television.

      As a national correspondent, Levine became known for his distinctive sign-off, slightly stressing his middle initial. He wore bow ties when reporting on screen. Famed for his impeccable grammar and diction, Levine made a crossover to entertainment, with a self-mocking appearance on Saturday Night Live. He also played on his national reputation by appearing on the series Murphy Brown. Levine was interviewed by David Letterman and Jay Leno on their respective shows.

      After retiring in 1995 from NBC, Levine became dean of Lynn University’s School of International Communication in Boca Raton, Florida. He retired from there in 2004.[3]
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      In 1957 Levine married Nancy Cartmell Jones, who had been working on the Dave Garroway Show. They had three children: Daniel, Jeffrey C. B. and Jennifer J. Levine.

      Main Street, U.S.S.R. (1959), named one of the New York Times “Top 100 Books of the Year”[1]

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      The Dave Garroway on the new TODAY show every morning was powerful brain rinsing. There was no way for the Douglas MacArthur to get the 1952 nomination, and it really shows you clearly, very clearly what the RNC was in 1952 too.

      Quote below

      Nancy J. Levine, NBC executive assistant
      May 21, 2013

      Nancy J. Levine, 85, former executive assistant to the original “Today” show anchor Dave Garroway from 1952 to 1961, died May 11 at her home in Chicago.

      She had Alzheimer’s disease, said her son Daniel Levine.

      Mrs. Levine handled a number of responsibilities as Garroway’s right hand from 1952 to 1961, including attending to the occasional care and feeding of Garroway’s “co-host,” the NBC chimpanzee mascot J. Fred Muggs.

      She met her future husband, longtime NBC News correspondent Irving R. Levine, at the NBC studio in New York. He was the first American television reporter to be accredited in what was then the Soviet Union during the Cold War and was the network’s first full-time economics correspondent. The Levines were married in 1957.

      Mrs. Levine accompanied her husband on reporting assignments in Moscow and Rome before settling in Washington in 1971, when he was named NBC’s chief economics correspondent.

      Nancy Cartmell Jones, a New York City native, was a 1949 English graduate of Columbia University. She wrote a number of articles for a variety of magazines, including Ladies Home Journal, about her experiences in Russia, said her son Daniel.

      After her husband died in 2009, Mrs. Levine moved to Chicago.

      Survivors include three children, Jennifer Levine of Washington and Jeffrey Levine and Daniel Levine, both of Chicago; and four grandchildren.

      — Megan McDonough

    9. Howdy Doody Says:


      Forgot to mention the NKVD/KBG fun and game’s too, oh the gifts of the FDR Cabal supporting the USSR were huge in creating the constant war we have been in since he was foisted on US.

    10. fd Says:

      A veteran of the Korean War told me the American death toll connected to the various battles that took at the time of the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge was about 20 thousand. He said MacArthur burned the bodies adding that the media lied to the American public, reporting the losses at 12 thousand. The veteran called them liars.

      The War of 1812 was a little freaky. A few of the New England states threatened to secede if the war wasn’t brought to an end. Something about stopping American expansion. Who’s afraid of Louisiana? Of all the states, Louisiana has the ability the unleash severe insurrection at any given time.

    11. Non Ame Says:

      I’m shooting from the hip here, but I’m pretty sure that New England had always been very Loyalist leaning toward the Crown during the Revolution and after. The War of 1812 began primarily as a way for the fledgling United States to regain its honor after years of British insults at sea regarding widespread impressment of American sailors into the Royal Navy. Madison also saw an opportunity to invade and seize parts of Canada while the British were busy fighting Napoleon. And as would be the case in the World Wars, America seemed to believe it had a unique right to engage in unmolested commerce with warring belligerents in Europe and not have either side notice avaricious Yankee traders getting rich from their mutual slaughter. But as Socrates said, it was probably the last war America actually had a legitimate reason to fight.

    12. fd Says:

      I have a book published in 1866 with a facsimile of a letter General Washington wrote to Henry Lee during the war. In the letter, Washington complained that he had to place New England officers in the stockade on occasion for misrepresenting the money and war appliances they needed and for conveniently be tardy at the battlefield. There has always been a cartel of New Englanders who put money and display before culture.

    13. fd Says:

      Not a facsimile, but a complete copy of the letter Washington wrote to Light Horse Harry Lee. I have no idea where Henry came from :).

    14. fd Says:

      Maybe I’m in need of medication. His given name is Henry Lee—also known as Harry lee.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:


      The Landing was prepared and executed in 100% secrecy from Foggy bottom.

      Because of constant leaked info sent to NYC/London and them to Moscow Chicoms.

      All Canadian, English an Australian force’s were in total secrecy.

      This war was about keeping MacArthur out of the WHITE HOUSE.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      1948 led to the Korean surprise war, as the enemy aliens KNEW MacArthur would take command.


      The Eleventh Hour, published 1979 by Lewis W. Walt USMC 1936-1979.

      Truman was a traitor whore who stabbed US all in the BACK !

    17. Howdy Doody Says:


      This video was left out of the last post.

      Please do not miss this one. Exceptional!


    18. Howdy Doody Says:


      Listen to what Douglas MacArthur stated about J.F.K in 1961.

      He never visited Ike boy once, if any one can find out other wise please post it about his visiting his ex clerk.

    19. Howdy Doody Says:


      Douglas MacArthur died I think in June 1964 after JFK. I don’t think he could have thought that Vietnam would sap US with LBJ’s Gulf Of Tonkin, high crimes, and and dozen other high crimes against US.

      He died likely as Charles A. Lindbergh did in Hanna Hawaii in 1975, both with with a broken heart for what had become US.

      A new dark age with aliens who pounded non sense via their lie media against US since 1945 full strength.

    20. Howdy Doody Says:

      After Vietnam a multicrap force is now what there is, with any White’s coming one or two child families or divorced with a part time dad, with too many having been given prescription drugs while in school especially White boys for decades, plus being dumbed down with severe brain washing against poor White’s used by usurpers of a former Nation destroyed with with Woodrow Wilson’s foolish time in office.

      MacArthur was no war monger, and he was one man, being out maneuvered, by the criminals in NYC and that swap fever hole to the South. He knew what FDR was doing all along, FDR was afraid of him.