14 May, 2015

The Radicalizing of an American

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The course which the history of any one human group follows is influenced by many factors, but the most important and basic of these factors is the specific racial character of the groups. Thus, the histories of Negroes, of Chinamen, and of Whites, though subject to the effects of differing environments and differing cultural preconditions, are profoundly different primarily because the groups these historians describe are profoundly different biologically. And the differences in cultural preconditions themselves are, in most cases, primarily a product of biological differences also.”


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    1. melvin polatnick Says:

      Most Ashkenazim in prison are non-believers but soon become aware from sadistic guards and inmates that they are a hated Jew. Overt violence is uncommon against the passive outcast but threats continue daily. One of the scare tactics used is creating the fear of getting eyes poked out while asleep. This keeps the terrified person awake for days resulting in hallucinations. Being verbally isolated can be psychologically devastating. Dozens of creative scare tactics are utilized by savages and bullies. Upon discharge the Jew is forever traumatized with horror filled nightmares.