6 May, 2015

Top Business Leader Says: Sex Equality May Have to Be Forced

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“Branson says we may need to force the issue.” Force the issue? The government already has forced the issue! It’s called Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, also known as Affirmative Action. It’s a federal law that must be followed by any company that has more than 15 employees. Your company must hire “X” number of Blacks, Browns, women, etc. The number that you must hire depends on the surrounding population. For example, if your city is 15% Black, then your workforce must be approximately 15% Black. (Never mind that Affirmative Action is a violation of private-property rights: it violates the Fifth Amendment’s “Takings or Just Compensation Claus” via “regulatory takings.” The owner of a private business loses money due to Affirmative Action hiring but the federal government does not compensate him for the loss).

Nonetheless, sex equality will never exist. How can an apple and an orange be equal? Further, a woman has something called a womb. It’s there for a reason. Women aren’t supposed to be corporate CEOs. They’re supposed to be moms and wives.


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    1. ecosse Says:

      I have seen both and I would bet that my boys high school hockey team could beat the women’s Canadian national team by 20 to nothing at the very least.
      There is an coca cola add on TV where the semi- masculine captain of Canada’s female soccer team joins in a male soccer game and dominates the game, in a video game, big deal.
      The only female sports I can stand watching are ones like softball when played by hotties.

    2. ecosse Says:

      When I was a kid in 1960’s it was almost impossible to get girls at the local park to play sports to help get a full team. (unlady like). Now the advertisements make it seem like it’s the evil patriarchy holding back girls from playing sports. The reality is most girls don’t give damn about sports unless they are brainwashed to. If they really cared about sports more than 5% of them would be able to hit a softball past 2nd base.

    3. ecosse Says:

      I wonder how many liberals would be willing to fly with Affirmative Action Airlines?