22 May, 2015

Troubles at the New NA?

Posted by Socrates in National Alliance, nationalism, Socrates at 1:35 pm | Permanent Link

Let’s hope that any wrongdoing at the NA is ancient history and doesn’t impact the current NA.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Troubles at the New NA?”

    1. fd Says:

      No comment on the NA. I’m trying to figure out why those Alabama boys haven’t blown up the SPLC office. Their grandpa of the 1960s would have made short order of that outfit.

    2. Will Williams Says:

      Thanks for putting this where I can respond — for now, anyway — to Mr. Linder’s caustic criticism of me on his forum, Socrates. As you know he freely attacks me knowing I’ve been banned from there by him for seven or so years and can’t respond.

      Alex Linder says: “SPLC says [Dilloway] had unrestricted access to files. Perhaps SPLC is lying. But SPLC has also published an executive flow chart naming most of the top NA people. I don’t find Williams’ claim plausible. The guy lives on site for months, is the only one Williams can find, but he doesn’t know anything about current or even recent NA members. How likely is it that what Williams says is true? In my estimation it’s unlikely.”

      I do not care what you believe, Linder. If you want to believe that Dilloway had any access to membership records kept entirely in a state other than the one he was residing in, believe the SPLC. They also claim he put together 8,000 names of former members from old records — another bald-faced lie calculated to make suggestible boobs like you to believe that recent and current membership data was available to him. It was not; all of those former members and supporters were on a jumbled database on the laptop I inherited from Gliebe. Dilloway never touched it. My wife and my wife alone made useful order for some mass mailings from that database.

      If you think that silly organizational chart cobbled together by Heidi Beirich and her new pet informant Dilloway, believe that, too. Your wrong-headed opinions and those of the usual cowardly anonymous critics that are coming out of the VNN woodwork again to attack me and Strom and NA mean nothing to me. You all can get in line behind the feckless NARRGs and the SPLC watchdogs.

      Linder: “[Dilloway} [g]ot them the results and information they wanted. Dontcha think?”

      SPLC didn’t send Dilloway in to get any information from me. He flipped out and went to them without thinking all the way through what he was doing. He also thinks he will get some sort of reward from the IRS for reporting tax fraud. All of the “financial improprieties” Dilloway ran to SPLC with were from Gliebe’s and Walker’s era, not mine. I was charged as Alliance Chairman with sorting the mess out which is exactly what I was doing. Dilloway was not hired as a “Forensic Accountant” to investigate anything, as SPLC claims. Go back to the Stormfront thread and read a little further.

      Alex Linder: “Think hard, Willy: why did Dilloway show up dressed precisely as he was instructed not to at the Knoxville rally back in 2007? What other reason could there possibly be than he was told to do so? Paid to do so?”

      I can’t answer that question, Lindy. The Knoxville debacle was your rally, not mine. When you foolishly took yourself out of it, who took over but FBI plant, Hal Turner. How did that work out? You’ve associated with and trusted such lovely characters as Bill White and Elisha Strom, even naming her as a VNN forum moderator. Why did you do that? You even spurned my warnings to you about promoting Harold Covington on your board. Why did you allow Dilloway to post on VNN for years long after you supposedly knew he was obviously “sent there” by the SPLC?