28 May, 2015

Will NA Triumph in Latest “Scandal”?

Posted by Socrates in National Alliance, nationalism, Socrates at 12:15 pm | Permanent Link

It looks like the National Alliance may be in better legal standing than was previously reported, according to NA leader Will Williams:

[Forum post].

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  7. One Response to “Will NA Triumph in Latest “Scandal”?”

    1. Sgt. Skull Says:

      This is great news as the original reports gave me cause for concern. The earlier SPLC article was just a hit piece on W. Williams, K.A. Strom and other NA luminaries. This Dilloway freak appears to me to be a planted informant for the SPLC, or he’s just mentally unbalanced and when he was caught red handed figured he’d cast his lot with our mortal enemies.

      The NA should take heart, though, that the SPLC is much more fearful and concerned about their resurgence than any milquetoast conservative organization who continue to suffer setbacks and defeats on virtually every issue of importance to the white majority.