16 June, 2015

Frankfurt School Race-and-Language-Baloney is Alive and Well in California

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(Above: Otto Klineberg)

Language isn’t aggressive unless it’s confrontational or just way too blunt. So most “microaggressions” aren’t aggressions at all. But anyway. Notice how Frankfurt School race-and-word-baloney has changed a bit. It has evolved. For example, saying that “there’s only one race: the human race” is now taboo, whereas back in the 1950s that was standard Marxist doctrine (that silly slogan was invented by the Jew and race-baloney-maker, Otto Klineberg). Apparently, the Cultural Marxism playbook has to evolve as America becomes more “diverse.”


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      m.p., who’s paying you to be a provocateur? Your freaky intermission sound bites are designed to pervert the website. It’s not working.