13 June, 2015

Globalists Gather

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A greatly disproportionate number of powerful globalists (Bilderbergers, CFRers, Trilateral Commissioners, and other NGO types) are Jews. Probably 60% of the big, influential globalists are Jews (maybe more than that), yet, Jews make up only 1% or 2% of the Western population. That’s a very lopsided statistic. Jews are truly international people: up until 1948 they didn’t have a country of their own. They just wandered around the world, getting kicked out of various countries due to their greasy behavior.


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  7. 8 Responses to “Globalists Gather”

    1. -jc Says:


    2. archer Says:

      jc, great download, thanks.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      They should all be transported in unheated freight cars to labor camps in the Arctic Circle. Damn useless eaters is all they are, the lot of them.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Quite a line up. No surprise that Henry Kissinger and Peter Sutherland, two real pieces of shit, are attendees, but what does surprise is that Bilderbergers have published a list, usually the identity of the scum is kept secret.

    5. fd Says:

      Dear Bilderbergers, could you spare a few thousand. MY contact number is 1 800 eat s**t.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Hmmm…..sounds like Rosemary’s Baby!

    7. Mel Brooks Says:

      There’s no use bitching about all those liver paste-faced Chersen Pipples without taking into consideration the white gentile complicity in the entire affair.

      It reminds me of something I once read in the NA Big Red Book to the effect that anyone who is complicit with these beasts and their lies is either a scoundrel, or a fool. The great masses of people cannot be expected to think for themselves, they need good rulers/government. And I know I just copped that from MK, but it’s true, and it probably always will be true.

      Our single greatest enemy unfortunately is leering at us from the looking glass.
      The whites that either go along with the Eweish agenda, or if they’re clever enough, exploit it to the detriment of their people, are the real snakes. These are the ones I can say with no reservation I’d happily march to the scaffold. And pull the lever. And enjoy it more than I would doing so to any non-white or Ewe.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      That’s very true Mel. The great NS film of the 1930s Der Jude Suss makes that clear. The local duke was foolish and vain, fatal flaws that allowed the money lender to control him and bring degradation to the population.
      The ending scene is quite satisfying though….”I was only the Duke’s loyal servant….”