28 June, 2015

Greece May Default on Debts, Leave Eurozone

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That’s good news for Golden Dawn. More Greeks will be ready to try Golden Dawn’s leadership.


  • 8 Responses to “Greece May Default on Debts, Leave Eurozone”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      Jewed-over cultures need pain, LOTS of pain, before they wake
      up and throw the jew down the well. But it happens, inevitably,
      over and over throughout history. And pain is sure as hell coming
      to Americuhhh.

    2. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Good for them, only when the fucking party stops and the people are eating from trash cans will they ever have morals.

      The goal is to stop the rot next time it appears.

    3. Non Ame Says:

      And if the EU/NATO/JewSA decides to not let a Golden Dawn led Greece leave? Greece could end up on the wrong side of a bombing campaign to stop those evil, ultra-nationalist separatists.

    4. Rigor mortis Says:

      The Greeks could definitely pull the plug on the Euro, not only on them but the KWA and its warmongering Nig/Jew empire might suffer drastic set backs in their war policy.

    5. Rigor mortis Says:

      And pain is sure as hell coming
      to Americuhhh.

      I know its getting off the issure, but does anybody wonder why so much of jew media has been focusing on those two White men escapees from Jew Dork state “Pen”itentiary? Now one is dead, and the other captured, why so much of an issue? Why all the jubilation by the smokey the bear pigs of Jew Dork State? We have prison riots all the time and they wouldn’t even get millisecond of air time on your local jew local jew tube stations.
      The only thing positive I can say now is that our local jew rag the Sunday edition has been reduced in bulk by half. Just one big spread sheet of shitty adoration of nigs and injuns.

    6. Rigor mortis Says:

      Looks like North Afreeka is back on the Menu, with the latest Touristism in Tunisia killing of 37 and 36 near dead casualties at that beach front playground. So much for those moderate Arab democracies. What a load of shit gone sour with all that bullshit about Arab Spring. Worse yet is to come in gay Paris and other European shit holes dominated by gangs of testosteron Wogs. Why does the zog news alway use such quaint moronic sentences like “dozens killed” or “black historic churches” . Now the mouthpieces have to get of their ass and read the news standing up, and they all wear purple or violet colored ties. Looks more like a pulpit every day, and I guess Purple is the color of Royalty or the Catholic Pope.

    7. Rigor mortis Says:

      The Mediterranian region Rome is more less a bathtub, its ringed by scubby flora and fauna and a barren landscape, the only attractant to NorthernEuropeans is its abundant sunshine. Worse is that it contains the headquarters to that defunct fossilize, fagatized jewdaeo xian cult in Rome. On the Afreekan shore its a basket case of sand niggers who who would cut your throat in a jew dork minuter, errr second. On the Eastern side you’ve got shitty nation inc. attraction park for all those retarded xian pilgrims and they bill it as the holy land , did I forget to mention the Turks? The hybrized descendants of Genghis Khan .

    8. CW-2 Says:

      White tourists going to shitholes like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Yidsrael get what they deserve. I should also add Cancun to the list. Why spend our hard earned money supporting muds, don’t we pay enough for that by taxation.