6 June, 2015

Negroes, Then and Now, or, Who Gave Blackie His Hostile, Aggressive Attitude?

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Seen: a negro in an old Humphrey Bogart movie called “High Sierra” (1941). The negro was passive, polite and subservient towards White people, saying “yes, sir” and “no, sir” too many times. He didn’t dare “talk back” to a White person. Contrast that negro in the movie with today’s Blacks, who are angry and hateful towards White people. They do not respect or fear Whites, thanks to the Jewish-led civil-rights movement, which empowered and emboldened Blackie.

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  7. 5 Responses to “Negroes, Then and Now, or, Who Gave Blackie His Hostile, Aggressive Attitude?”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:


      “High Sierra” (1941)

    2. melvin polatnick Says:

      There is no place in modern civilization for “retards” the complexity of today`s world demands alert individuals. Starving slow minded harvest workers are leaving their fields in boats hoping to attach themselves to welfare systems of white dominated nations. Support for them is impossible, a drowning person can pull rescuers under the water. White alpha male sperm naturally injected into black females, will in a few generations produce children as smart and almost as white as the alpha donor. A new mulatto Africa will be born minus retardation.

    3. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Isn’t that the typical jew solution for the White race, thanks for the warning polatnick, hope we can return the advice multiplied by 6 million.

    4. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Polatnick why don’t you pose that question to your local rabbinacal council? They can forage through the trash heap of jewish double think, and all that other shit paper called a holy book, just the old jew black magic book to destroy the White race. We’re not interested in your new, jew and improved mudlatto, so take a hike kike, better yet go inseminate some congoids.

    5. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Why is it that the kikes don’t want the whole banana? I mean for decades now they’ve been telling us the only thing keeping their darlin’ niggers and nigresses down was Whites dominance. Well I’ll tell you one thing I’m for keeping them down, and the kikes too, about 6 million ft under, I’m not interested in producing the most docile mud to serve the jew master, and if you want an example of a mud who was kike wary, who got loose from his jew handlers that was MalcolmX. So lets see how we can produce a whole army of MalcolmsXes about 6 million out to do.