18 June, 2015

SC Church Shooting Suspect ID’d

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Did a “White racist” commit the church shooting in South Carolina?


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    1. Rigor Mortis Says:

      The whole thing smells of psyops. The first thing that struck me as odd is that last name Storm Roof. They sure have some odd names down there in South Carolina, reminds me of all the injun names, the principle chief was a Wilma Mankiller, and here recently we had some injun killer associated with the Mexican mafia called Hogkiller, and even a candidate for chief of the Cherokee tribe name Fourkiller. Sounds like the whole scenario was rehearsed , from the git go.

    2. Rigor Mortis Says:

      If Show Roof would have been a kike that went into a Mosque much more historical, and wasted away scores of Palestinians, women, infants , the elderly, the Kike kontrolled press and its lapdawgs would have praised him to highest heaven. Remember the incident where the jews poured gasoline into the throat of a Pal youth and set him ablaze, than after that the god damn jews had the audacity to do a Dresden on Gaza. Thats the unvarnished kike for you.

    3. Rigor Mortis Says:

      The Feds i.e. Zog will do anything but try to downplay this incident, in fact it’ll be the pretext to ram through more gun legislation. You can bet those 3 kikes on the supreme Sanhedrin are just smacking their fat kosher lips in anticipation of disarming Whites.

    4. Rigor Mortis Says:

      I watched a flick about a Russian tank crews capture by some of ZOGS former allies the mujahadeen, as they were trapped in the tank, which was set on fire. The commander unpinned some grenades and reminded the crew, that “when we run out of ammo we become hero’s”

    5. -jc Says:

      Speaking of psyops, a little moderation appears in order.

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      South Carolina Today


      White have no political protections at all today.

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      -jc Says:
      18 June, 2015 at 11:14 pm

      Speaking of psyops, a little moderation appears in order.


      The Horror

    8. fd Says:

      Howdy Doody, the character melvin is probably a Jew robot. All of his vulgar comments are essentially the same. Running on empty.

    9. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Speaking of shrews and kikesses? Not much mention of the fact that The Rev. Clementa Pickney had just returned from a Ralley for Hillary Clinton, oh vey. Nice try no sperm just a cigar as Monica Jewinsky got from Slick Willie.

    10. nom nom nom Says:


    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      Largest booze distributor fired a nigger beer truck and wine driver for constantly stealing blatantly too, so he is hauled in the office at noon, with union rep, and a security company who filmed him stealing many times as proof.

      He politely stated you got me fair and square. Goes to his car and gets a 44 come’s back and shot at least 9 Whites and ONE joo partner in the business who gave to affirmative action NPR big time for years.

      This was about three years ago in New Haven CT.

      From African Sheboon refuge’s attacking pilots in N.Z. and raping White school girls walking home starting in 2003 and in Sept 2004 ALL police were ordered to take kike affirmative anti White insanity classes at the universities of NZ.

      Daily since 1964, when kikes/media went full bore inciting nigger violence against Whites at every level, from spitting FOOD served to Whites as JESSE JACKSON wrote in his own bull shit book.
      The kikes are 100% along with demented fifth column hipsters unread fools, likewise for the eviljellycultists who are jammed in choke points in the regime jobs.

      Man charged with trying to kidnap girl at Merrimack mall
      Desmond Mighty, 25, accused of throwing girl to ground
      UPDATED 11:22 PM EDT Jun 18, 2015

      It vanished from kike media.


    12. Howdy Doody Says:

      Culture Of Critique by Doctor Kevin MacDonald is fully understood by kikes and they know itz 100% fact, but they will never admit and just go on bsing to keep the media brain rinsed Whites in a state of mushroomhood.

    13. Cliff Says:

      Not saying just whites shouldn’t have guns. Nobody needs a gun. Why would anyone want one? Sooner or later – inevitably – a gun will do what it was designed for. And you can’t tell who’s a psycho until they pull the trigger… again and again and again.

      Amazing that some relatives of the victims in South Carolina should offer forgiveness to Roof and not blame the whole white race for the actions of one deranged individual. After all the racially aggravated incidents of recent times, Christian love like that humbles me.

    14. Cliff Says:

      I haven’t visited this site for a few months. I still love Howdy because I haven’t got a clue what he’s talking about. But then that’s hardly surprising… my fist language is English.

    15. fd Says:

      South Carolina is the cradle of secession. The killing of Negroes in Charleston has people talking about the Dixie battle flag.

      The United States hates the Southern nation; it hates White people; it hates the Confederate flag. So let the South go.

    16. Cliff Says:

      I don’t disagree, but it’s difficult to see how that applies in this case. Was the guy abused as a child? Even if he’d had sadistic black parents it would be hard to understand his assassination of African Americans, his desire for a civil war and the kind of mayhem he inflicted. The bears (and people) of Alaska have got off lightly.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s disgraceful that Miss Lindsey Graham is a US senator from the same state that produced the mighty Andrew Jackson. Dixie needs to secede from the Union. Washington City should become an abandoned, overgrown ruin.

    18. Rigor Mortis Says:

      “You’re raping our women, you’re taking over the country, you have to go.” Pretty well sums up what the jews have done for centuries to White nations.

    19. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Lets go back to the root of the problem, and that is the jew religion, which on the one hand gives jews carte blanche to murder , pillage and rape and do it all in the name of Jewhova their tribal god, than the xian brand name cult which tells everybody else to turn the other cheek, bend over and let the kike ream them, unless of course the goyim are fighting for the survival of the kikes…
      Jewhova and the jews are one.
      Heard on an xian radio program that the reason the Canaanites were genocided, raped and reduced to slavery by the jews, was because they were the ancient day version of ISIS/ISIL

    20. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Canaanites were ISIS predecessors

      Kin I get a witness heah? and the crowds hollered in unison

      HOLY SHIT!

    21. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Notice all the bullshit about how turrible it is to be killed in a house of worship… Holy Shit. No Krokodile tears for the millions killed in homes or on the highway. How about that couple in Tennessee brutally tortured,raped and mutilated than tossed into trash bags? by those evah luvin afreekin amurricans.

    22. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Lets move all the jews to Shitreal and than carpet bomb, that would be payment enough.

    23. Tim McGreen Says:

      Everything that Rigor Mortis has said here is spot-on.

    24. Rigor Mortis Says:


      Check out this crap which was headlines in all the local jew rags. Can you believe it, a person can be tried in the jew ass ohvey, in a Fedjew court for having sex in foreign places, duh
      Assisant US atty. David P. Petermann(kike) :
      “The wolf in sheeps clothing to among the lambs, and Matthew Lane Durham go what he”, wanted, an assistant Jewassohvey atty. David P. Petermann angrily told the jurors with tears in his eyes.

    25. Rigor Mortis Says:

      Durham a citizen of the United States was tried in Oklahoma City Federal court instead of in Africa based on his citizenship , and the accusation that he travelled from Oklahoma to Kenya to engage in to engage in illicit sexual contact.
      Is this shit for real?