8 June, 2015

What Are They Conserving?

Posted by Socrates in "gay marriage", "gay", conservatism, conservatives, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, Socrates, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline at 1:30 pm | Permanent Link

Yes, this is supposed to be the website of a “conservative” magazine. Newbies, the word “conservative” is now meaningless. (As another example, most “conservative” women are feminists).


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  7. 5 Responses to “What Are They Conserving?”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      The whole insane system is now beyond ridicule or even sarcasm. Next we will be told that those engaging in pedophilia and bestiality are decent worthy citizens who make good neighbors and probably vote Republican.

    2. Mary O Says:

      The author doesn’t understand the basic facts. Marriage is for the benefit of all society. Men and women need each other. Even if straight people marry beyond the age of having children, their commitment to each other helps support the whole institution of marriage. Their love and respect for each other provides a good example for others to follow.

      Homosexual activists often express outrage when homosexuality is dismissed as “just a phase.” The real purpose of “gay marriage” may be to entrap more young men permanently, or at least long-term, in the homosexual lifestyle. Once the young man is the legally documented spouse of another man, the possibility of his maturing into a heterosexual relationship becomes severely impaired.

      When a straight couple breaks up, painful repercussions are felt throughout their whole community of family and friends. When homosexuals break up, who cares?

      Part of the problem is that homosexual men are by nature very ingratiating, and our society has difficulty saying no to anyone who seems “nice.”
      Conservatives overvalue niceness.

      The obsession with niceness destroys the authenticity of our lives.

      But the priority should be to get rid of gay adoption first. Homosexuals just don’t have the maturity to be parents, and even they themselves would not sexually abuse a child, their “friends” might.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      “The obsession with niceness destroys the authenticity of our lives. ”

      This is an important observation. It also gives me just the excuse I’ve been looking for to become a real SOB.

    4. Melvin Polatnick Says:

      Evolution provided by Mother Nature is responsible for the hybrid Yid. He is the swiftest trader on Earth and hated by his slower competitors. Due to favorable conditions the Yid owns half the worlds wealth and soon will own it all.

    5. Melvin Polatnick Says:

      Top Yid and Yidess Zuckerberg and Steinberg earned billions for helping make capitalism work. Powerful goyim insiders need Yid smarts to help quiet the ingrates and dissidents who are constantly Kvetching. Yids and goyim together will outfox Russian and Chinese tyrants and free their slaves. Yids should never be shunned, but closely followed on magical paths leading to tons of gold.