11 June, 2015

“White Supremacist” Frazier Glenn Cross

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It’s always amusing to hear the term “White supremacist.” If Whites aren’t supreme, then who is? Who gave the world almost everything of value, from electricity to the airplane, from the automobile to the telephone, from the refrigerator to air conditioning, from concrete to the computer? Answer: White people. We’re gods compared to everyone else and they know it. We also gave the world democracy, but for some reason Blacks never thank us for allowing them to vote.


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  7. One Response to ““White Supremacist” Frazier Glenn Cross”

    1. Will Williams Says:

      “It was homicide by necessity,” he wrote. “I was compelled to do what I did on 13 April 2014. Necessity overrules and overcomes the law. Necessity makes lawful that which is not lawful. Necessity defends and justifies what it compels. I am therefore excused for my actions which were done through unavoidable force and compulsion. I was compelled by necessity to strike at what I perceived to be an intolerable public threat to my people, knowing what I know about the Jews.”

      Mr. Miller’s compelling necessity defense is right out of Black’s Law Dictionary, Third Edition, 1933, pages 1227-1228 Homicide by Necessity. A perfectly legitimate defense in healthier times.