22 July, 2015

The Evolution of Authority: First, Men Had It, But Now Women Have It

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A lot of people don’t know that Western culture = White male culture. Women had very little to do with the creation of the West. Given that fact, why do women deserve to be on Western money? (Granted, Federal Reserve Notes aren’t really money and they aren’t really Western, they’re Jewish) [1]. By the way, why are they waiting 5 years to tell us who is going to be on the new $10 bill? Is it someone controversial, like the negro political agitator Rosa Parks?


[1] a Jew, Paul M. Warburg, invented the Federal Reserve system. A $5 Federal Reserve Note isn’t $5 dollars. Instead, it’s a piece of paper that represents $5 dollars. It’s a stand-in for real money such as a silver certificate

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Evolution of Authority: First, Men Had It, But Now Women Have It”

    1. fd Says:

      It sounds like Mr. Hamilton’s 10 dollar bill will be replaced with a 10 dollar whore. Slave holder Andrew Jackson is surely on the chopping block. Washington isn’t safe either. Hands off Federal rockstar, Abe L.

      These 19th century Federal propaganda posters could be placed on paper money. Take care not to throw up.



    2. Joe Says:

      I’ve always been amazed that Andrew Jackson’s visage was EVER on a Federal Reserve note. After all, the highlight of his presidency was his having defeated the Rothschild banksters in the 1830s. If any president ever deserved their contempt, it would be him.