23 July, 2015

Trannies Are Tolerant?

Posted by Socrates in "gender", 'sex-change', America, America-the-sitcom, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, equality, homosexual themes, homosexuals, Socrates, trannies, Western culture, Western decline at 12:05 pm | Permanent Link

On the TV: someone doesn’t agree with a tranny (he points out the obvious absurdity of “transsexualism”). The tranny then makes a physical threat.[Video].

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  7. 3 Responses to “Trannies Are Tolerant?”

    1. Max Says:

      They don’t show tolerance, they shouldn’t expect tolerance. Imagine the fuss in the media if a tanny were told he would go home in an ambulance.

      Why no fuss now.

    2. Mark Says:

      That “someone” is an orthodox Jew as opposed to the secular Jews that shoved gay rights and transgenderism down our throats.

      Many orthodox Jews oppose the State of Israel. Not all Jews are evil.

    3. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      Why is is always these large dorky guys which end up as drag queens and trannies? Fucking abomination.