19 August, 2015

Equality: Man’s Most Dangerous Myth

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“As the media stepped up their flow of “equality” propaganda, later editions of these encyclopedias simply deleted the racial data on Blacks. One had to turn to specialized medical texts to learn that the associative areas of the brain, where abstract thought takes place, are less developed in the Negro than in the White.

It has been well known since the large-scale intelligence testing of U.S. Army recruits in World War I that the average Negro IQ is approximately 15 per cent below that of the average White. Apologists for the Blacks have tried to explain away the earlier test scores as being due to the effects of segregated schools and Black poverty; i.e., they claimed the tests were “culturally biased.'”


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    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      They think that men can go without shirts, so so can women.


      I think they add some beauty.

      But women are more beautiful than men. Sorry , mate, prefer to look at the sheilas.