28 August, 2015

Reality TV Shows: An Already Cheap Culture Gets Even Cheaper

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(This is sort of a rant). There are dozens of reality TV shows on the air, all different but yet all very similar. The Jewish producers who create these silly shows, and the Jewish-controlled networks that host them, are behaving like alcoholics: they don’t know when to quit, they just keep cranking out the shows, like an assembly line, with a new series appearing every week. These shows don’t feature famous celebrities who demand $10 million dollars per episode, so they are produced rather cheaply. In other words, the Jews are making lots of money with these shows. Furthermore, the shows are getting more and more stupid (but still the gentiles watch them). Each show is more contrived and more “staged” than the last one. Where’s the “reality” in reality TV? What’s next: a reality series about wife-swapping, midget, transgender, vegetarian astronauts who suffer from kleptomania? Don’t laugh, it could happen.

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