7 August, 2015

Trump, the Debates and the Media

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The media bias against Donald Trump is increasing. According to the media, he performed poorly in Thursday’s political debates. But that’s not true. He didn’t perform poorly. I find it interesting that even the “conservative” media is treating Trump like he’s a threat to humanity. Trump’s anti-immigration stance has the cuckservative media just as worried as the liberal media (actually, Trump’s anti-immigration stance has the Jewish media bosses worried, which, in turn, worries the reporters who are employed by the Jewish media bosses). If any one thing is going to ruin America beyond repair (if it isn’t beyond repair already), it’s mass-immigration, and the media moguls know it. That’s why they hate and fear Trump. He could “wake up” a lot of White people on the immigration issue, even if he doesn’t win the election. (One woman on the TV, who was not a journalist, said that Trump won’t get the female vote because he doesn’t respect women and he calls them nasty names. Well, if he doesn’t get the female vote, he won’t win the election, since, sadly, the female vote is the largest voting bloc in America).

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    1. Luke Says:

      If he wins or not, I have to say that I absolutely loved the video clip I watched of him where the closeted liberal feminazi, ball busting, jew toe sucking bitch Megyn Kelly pulled her little smear stunt on Trump, and he made her look like a Rachel Maddow caliber, petty, vicious, vindictive, piece of really slimy hyena shit.

      From reading the comment sections around the web, I would be confident in saying that this exposure of Kelly by Alpha Male Donald Trump as being nothing more than a cuckservative, RINO establishment propaganda spewing filthy whore is going to have an extremely negative effect on her TV ratings.

      Kelly strikes me as an exceeding obnoxious feminist who harbors an intense, burning hot hatred for White men who have a pair of balls that she cannot find a way to slice off. She’s really no different than Maddow or Hillary, in that regard. She is supposedly married to a liberal White guy who is appropriately castrated and emasculated, but I’d be willing to wager a C-note that the only orgasms this woman has ever had have been with a vibrator, while watching lesbian porn on the Web.

    2. fd Says:

      Mr. Trump is bucking the system. The job of the media is to destroy him before he becomes a real threat. It’s imperative that Trump understands the situation.

      Short list of people who paid a heavy price for threatening the establishment at Washington city.

      Huey Long, George Wallace, Ross Perot (?) and possibly JFK.

    3. Joe Says:

      Sorry to disagree, fd… but, to me… Trump is just part of the system. A billionaire ain’t gonna solve our problems. He may talk big on immigration, but he’d never follow through on the necessary action. That is – sealing the borders, enforcing them with lethally, and deporting all 30+ million illegals already residing here.
      Only force from without the system will accomplish this.

    4. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Trump knows who butters his bread. Both of his kids are married to Khazars. I know the shiska converted to that gutter religion. I know, Farrakhan said this and I concur!!!!

    5. fd Says:

      No problem, Joe. I care nothing of the criminal Federal government or Trump. It’s been my experience that government beyond the county level is ruinous and disgraceful. The hateful city on the Potomac should be sacked and fired by incorrigible mobs.

      Both Huey long and George Wallace were shot by Jews for pressing the establishment.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Why shouldn’t Trump get the female vote? If anyone is guilty of abusing women it’s that syphilitc psychopath / degenerate Slick Willie. But women stepped on each others’ heads in their rush to vote for him.

      I love how Trump refuses to apologize for any of his “insensitive” remarks. That makes the jewsmedia really mad. But it makes me smile.

    7. -jc Says:

      Luke Said: “… the video clip I watched of him where the closeted liberal feminazi, ball busting, jew toe sucking bitch Megyn Kelly pulled her little smear stunt on Trump…”

      That was good and FAUX NEWS took it off their web site, first thing this morning. The comment was quoting Trump that he’d like to see a cuck-chick on her knees and he shot Kelly a freezing look that chilled her. Today, she commented that he threatened to TWEET negatively about her.

      The danger is that Trump will run on a third party ticket like Perot and guarantee whatever the left-lib-dems put up. Trump says we must protect Israel but, without tipping his hat to the yids, he guarantees he’s doomed. But, y’all and he are right, he has everyone thinking and talking about immigration and that’s currently the number one tool destroying Western civ.

    8. -jc Says:

      It is difficult to imagine anything more liberalizing that women’s suffrage or the 18-year-old vote. Those who passed both of them knew exactly what they were doing.

    9. -jc Says:

      I was wrong; they just moved the video:


    10. Mary O Says:

      Trump won the debate. He came across as strong and sure of himself. Plus, he is not a religious nutcase, and he doesn’t do that boring “I grew up so poor” routine that so many politicians use. Although Rand Paul did well, he seemed boyish somehow compared to Trump.

      Highlights: Paul brought up the fact that we are actually funding ISIS. Trump discussed political funding, and how the system rewards donors. Trump also stated that the Mexican government is sending criminals to the US.

      Megyn (spelled not the Irish way, but rather the feminist “womyn” way) Kelly’s comments on Trump being unkind to celebrities were irrelevant.

      The core problem that Whites are facing today is the strictly enforced over-niceness: for example, the ebola crisis. Obama took one look at the situation, and decided that since we sweet little White marshmallows have plenty of clinics and state of the art technology that he would fly ebola victims into the US. He actually had plans for every major US urban center to be required to treat these victims, who were either idiot do-gooders or part of a culture that eats corpses at funerals, including corpses of people who have bled to death from a horrifying infectious disease.

      The lack of criticism of Affirmative Action and immigration is also over-niceness.

      Plus, the media expects us to just adore the Central American children. If you sit on park bench downtown in any city for 15 minutes, you can see at least 100 Mexican/Central Americans, mostly women and children, stream by. Just recently, the number of these foreigners in my local area seems to have tripled. The sudden floods of these women and children are scary.

      Were we deliberately flooded with these aliens by Zionist forces, knowing that terrified, we would rally behind Trump, who would then launch us into more stupid wars for Israel’s benefit?

      Note that Trump got both the first question, and the important last word in the debate.

      On the other hand, his criticisms of the donor system are an attack on the base of Israeli power in the US.

    11. fd Says:

      Look closely and you will see the hard face of Megyn Kelly. The face of megalomaniac feminist Emma Watson has the same cruel face.

      I’m hoping the Federal government will collapse.

    12. Mary O Says:

      Kelly wants it both ways: she wants women to be public figures, but she also wants women to be protected from public criticism.

      Would stifling criticism do any good for anyone? Maybe it’s better that people like Rosie O’Donnell know that they are seen as unhealthy, obese, and inappropriately aggressive, and that their efforts to force homosexual marriage, and indeed homosexual political dominance, on the American public are resented.

    13. Mary O Says:

      Watched this debate in a crowded bar, and the most resonant moment was when Trump characterized his lenders as “killers.” We should be very glad to have a candidate who is unafraid to be so frank in telling the truth.

    14. Mary O Says:

      The Planned Parenthood scandal has confronted the public with the reality of abortion as planned deliberate killing, and none of the candidates, not even the non-religious Trump, wanted to be seen as “pro-choice.”

    15. fd Says:

      American politics is a soap opera with nothing behind it but air. Trump is a windfall for the corporate media. The production of news rolling off his back will make billions for the people who control distribution.

    16. Mary O Says:

      Trump demonstrates how to handle the media. He just ignores their criticism, or gives it right back to them. Although I disagreed with Clinton’s policies, Bill Clinton’s handling of the barrage of media regarding Monica Lewinsky was effective. He just kept working, and ignored it. Too many politicians quake in fear at the media, immediately issuing profuse apologies whenever something not nice is read into one of their public statements.

      One aspect of these debates is how girlish some of these candidates seemed. Given that each of these men has probably paid huge sums to consultants to assist them in projecting the correct TV image, it seems surprising that they would present themselves so poorly. Jeb always seemed to have his head slanting, always moving around quite a bit, and his voice seemed timid and pleading; reminiscent of homosexual English professor. Many of the others seemed too nervous, uncomfortable or feminine. The religious nuts seemed more masculine, but unfortunately wrong in so many of their views.

      Perhaps Israelis can’t get good people, and only Trump is so rich that he doesn’t need their money.

    17. Mary O Says:

      The US public has never been so widely angry and resentful of the federal government in all our history. Maybe the media kingpins think that politics is just a soap opera, but they have actually drifted into uncharted waters.

    18. dillan Says:

      Trump is just another Koshervative. Yes, he may be more outspoken than the others in the Republican peloton, but as Robert said, “[Trump] knows who butters his bread.”

      It’s a moot point, anyway. The results of the election reflect the collective character of the electorate. If half of the voting public is composed of niggers, beaners, Catholics, Evangelicals, pussified men and brazen feminists, or any other morally malleable demographic group, then another slimeball ends up in office. Electing a leader “democratically” is, therefore, only viable if every man who makes up the electorate has the character to lead the nation himself. If you don’t have a society of hard-asses like the Spartans or the Vikings did, then you don’t have a democracy; you have an occupation government. You have a pack of wolves preying on the sheep.

    19. Tim Says:

      All you white women who support pro-third world immigration candidates: Ever read about what happened to the German women after WWII when there were no GERMAN white men around to protect them? Ever been fucked by 50 guys all in one evening? When the white guys who even care about white women are gone, this is what’s coming to you and your daughters. It’s up to you ladies….

    20. Mary O Says:

      “… sadly, the female vote is the largest voting bloc in America.”

      While a majority of women lean to the left, American women do not bloc vote. Much of the support that the left gets from White women is rooted in feelings of victimization; for example, the woman whose parents divorced when she was young feels resentful that she has been deprived of “normal family life” which she idealizes. Then she imagines the right as moralistic, judgmental and petty, esp. against her long-suffering mother.

      Or another example might be a divorced mother who fears losing her job; for that reason she supports unions and unionization as fervently as any cult member.

      Most of the women with whom I have discussed immigration lately express fear. They speak of being afraid to walk in certain parks and pathways which they used to do for exercise.

      An illegal alien was recently murdered in a nearby town. He had been camping in a vacant partially-wooded field near a police station. Several aliens were camping under bright blue tarps in this vacant field. Locals reported that they would often see them carrying 6-packs to this encampment. Police officers apparently ignored the situation. The man was killed by other aliens, who were angry at him over some debt. Now local women are afraid to walk in any area not being trafficked frequently by Whites.

      An elderly woman was recently murdered inside her own home in a nearby village. She may have been killed following an argument with a group of landscapers. The case is unresolved, and it is also possible the perp brought in landscapers to work on her front yard in an effort to confuse neighbors after the crime. Apparently these landscapers have never been traced.

      Violent crime has never been a major concern in my town until recently.

      If a referendum on immigration were held, White women would vote against continued immigration. So would African-American women, who see the aliens as a threat to employment.

      Maybe the true source of all of our problems is the heroin industry. We are in Afghanistan to prevent the Mullahs from destroying the opium crop. The Afghani opium crop is the source of 90% of US heroin. We bring in Central Americans for trafficking purposes. And young Whites, raised on hip-hop and team sports, die from the overdoses.

      People are saying that heroin abuse is mainly among young White people.

      Plus, injuries (esp. in girls) incurred in high school team sports often lead to oxycodone prescriptions, which may set them up for drug dependence.

      A young co-worker told me a close friend of hers died of a heroin overdose: she had been a ballet dancer, and in an effort to lose weight had started using. Being up on a stage in ballet costumes had made her extremely self-conscious about her weight.

      Is it really true that in this age of computer databases that we cannot determine WHO is actually receiving $$ 100’s billions in the heroin trade?

    21. Mary O Says:

      We could work backwards.

      Who pushed us to invade Afghanistan in the first place?

      Was Afghanistan actually a threat to the US?

      Is it possible that Osama bin Laden was still a CIA operative at that time?

      Is it possible that the Brooklyn-based “Russian Mafia” actually did the Sept 11 attack?

      Has the controversy over WTC Building #7 ever been resolved?

      Doesn’t it seem likely that the plane shot down in PA was intended to plow into WTC Building #7 just as the other two planes plowed into Buildings #1 and #2 ?

      But something happened ….

      Who supported the recent surge in Central American immigration?

      Who continues to support it now?

      Who demanded Title 9, raising spending and promotion of girls’ sports and athletics to the same level as boys’ sports and athletics?

      We could start with George Soros.

    22. CW-2 Says:

      Tim is quite correct, German women were the deliberate targets of the Red Army after the commissars such as jew Eherenberg had encouraged that bestial behavior.
      Those with a strong stomach should read about Black savagery in the Belgian Congo and Angola during the early 1960s.

    23. -jc Says:

      Cuckservative should be pronounced “Kook-servative”

      cuckoo /?ku?ku/
      plural cuckoos

      1 cuckoo
      plural cuckoos
      : a type of bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds and that has a call that sounds like its name