15 September, 2015

Media “Push Polls” Are Improving Carson’s Popularity

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Notice how the negro presidential candidate Ben Carson is being championed by all sorts of people, Left and Right alike? They’re hoping three things: 1) Carson will overtake and beat Trump in the 2016 presidential election (doubtful); 2) Carson will “steal” enough votes from Trump to prevent Trump from winning the election; 3) Carson will become Trump’s running mate in the 2016 election, thus putting another negro in the White House.


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  7. 9 Responses to “Media “Push Polls” Are Improving Carson’s Popularity”

    1. rigor mortis Says:

      This if off the topic, but picked up the local jew rag today, and the headline was “States deadliest prison fight”, this was today Tuesday, and to show you how the Zogs media drags it’s kosher ass, the stabbing death of 4 White inmates was Saturday!!!WTF. No date no time just that 3 inmates died before 5 P.M. and a 4th succumbed later. According to the pigs of this corporate dungeon the fight only took 2 minutes, and it took 38 minutes for the pigs to secure the unit. WTF! The god damn media pigs are hush hush on the identity of the Puerto Rican inmates housed at the facility, no doubt the culprits, but they sure go into detail about one of the murdered Whites having a Swastika tattoo, and another with a White power symbol.

    2. Jurgen Says:


      People should always be reminded that Ben Carson has no executive or business experience whatsoever. We don’t even know if he ever successfully ran a lemonade stand, for Christ’s sake.

    3. Dick Says:

      More white guilt crap! Ben Carson is an ape just like Bill Cosby. (same initials) Wonder how many young white women he raped when he was a practicing doctor? How many attractive white women did he harass? How many patients did he damage or killed. Another affrimative action educated negro from Detroit. See this:


    4. fd Says:

      Interesting post, Socrates.

      The Republican party could fall apart in the general election similar to the Democrat party in the Fall of 1860. The majority of the country voted against Lincoln, but a 3 way split in the Democrat party gave Lincoln the victory. Jealousy against Trump within the Republican party could cause enough of a split to give the Democrats a victory.

      The following numbers are lifted from a book published in 1866.

      The entire popular vote for Lincoln was 1,858,200.

      Stephen A. Douglas; 1,276,780 (Benjamin Fitzpatrick of Alabama for Vice-President)

      John C. Breckenridge; 812,500 (Joseph Lane of Oregon for Vice-President)

      John Bell; 735,504 ( Edward Everett for Vice-President of Massachusetts)

      The whole vote against Lincoln was thus 2,824,874, showing a clear aggregate majority against him of nearly a million votes.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Uncle Remus Carson is nowhere near as popular in the polls as Trump is. But the establishment jewsmedia is obviously trying to boost his visibility in order to put a dent in Trump’s popularity. I don’t think it’s going to work, however, so they’ll have to implement Plan C. Or will it be Plan D?

    6. fd Says:

      Even if Trump won the popular vote, the criminals on the Potomac may pull a fast one and do to Trump what they did to Al Gore who truly defeated George dubya. As silly as Mr. Gore is, he would have been a thousand times better than the scrub. I recall there was voting fraud in Florida in the Bush/Gore general election. The latter won the popular vote.

    7. steven clark Says:

      Carson offends me. He’s Alan Keyes-Herman Cain-all over again. There’s a segment of the conservative/christards who want a black. I’ve noticed people who call in to talk radio keep saying they don’t like Trump because he uses rough language and acts superior. They want someone mannered and polite, so they like Carson. They want politeness and good manners, not solutions.
      The morals and values crowd. Sigh. They argue Trump isn’t a real conservative, and they’re right. The conservatives had their chance and blew it.
      I also think Carson talks rather stilted and doesn’t impress me.
      And Jurgen is right. The man has no experience of any sort.
      People respect a doctor? Ron Paul was a doctor, and he got flushed away, but Carson has the race card.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      In 1959, the American Association on Mental Deficiency set 85 as the I.Q. below which a person was considered to be mentally disabled. The goal posts were moved with the advent of the civil rights movement as the cause could hardly be accomplished with half of an entire population falling below an 85 IQ which is also the average for the demographic. So, under political directive, the AAMD changed the threshold for retardation from IQ < 85 to IQ < 70. Unfortunately, changing definitions doesn't really make anyone smarter or "cure" scores on the low end.

    9. -jc Says:

      “The following numbers are lifted from a book published in 1866.”

      FD: Can you be a little more specific as to the source?