22 September, 2015

Men and Women Are Equal, They Say

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True story: one day, my girlfriend called me on the phone in hysterics, demanding that I go over to her house immediately and kill a spider that she saw in her bathroom. Alas, I could not go over there immediately and so she freaked out even more. Tell me again: how are men and women “equal”? Are you fit to govern a Western country if you’re terrified of bugs?


  • 3 Responses to “Men and Women Are Equal, They Say”

    1. Mary O Says:

      The same type of woman who is stricken in horror at an insect will also believe that such creatures as bears are “cute,” and will protest attempts to remove them from inhabited areas. It’s like their fears are all the reverse of what they should be.

      Same way with Merkel: she is stricken in horror at the the thought of someone calling her racist, but the possibility of being assassinated by this army of well-fed and well-organized “refugees” doesn’t faze her.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      An Ace comment, mary O.

      Knackers inside or knacker outside—makes a big difference.

    3. Luke Says:

      I think that there could be a very good argument to suggest that Merkel’s life is not worth the cost of the bullet to put this evil bitch down.

      Unless, of course, enough Germans pass the hat and take up a collection that is sufficient to compensate anyone who is keen on taking on this much needed task.

      Hence, in the end, it is up to the German people to decide whether this euthanization project should be a high priority issue.

      My assessment of the testicular fortitude of modern day Germans tells me that they would rather submit to the genocide of their race and the destruction of their nation, than to be accused of lifting a pinky finger to resist it.

      Which is coincidentally, the approximate same assessment I have made about the vast majority of emasculated, deracinated, nauseating White race wimps here in Amerikwa.