22 October, 2015

It’s Tough Being a Jewish Puppet, Even If You’re a Superpower

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Big Jew: “I ask you to remake the Middle East for me, and now you’re telling me that you can’t do that one, simple thing?” [1].

America: “I’m sorry, master! Really! I…uhhm…well…uhhh…it’s just that…uhhh…I’m trying, really I am. I tried to force democracy onto all of the sand niggers, but it’s like herding cats…just give me more time…Libya, Syria and Afghanistan are just flukes…things will get better, you’ll see! Pretty soon, the whole Middle East will be one big, Israel-loving democracy – complete with synagogues and porno stores!”



[1] paraphrasing the movie “Superman III”

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  7. One Response to “It’s Tough Being a Jewish Puppet, Even If You’re a Superpower”

    1. nom de kwa Says:

      Not to be out sheenied by Netayahoo’s comments that the Pals were responsible for the holy hoax, Afro-sheen kuntidate Ben Carson opines that Amerikwa is like Nazi Germany. Orwell must be rolling in his grave