5 October, 2015

More Globalism Coming: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement

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After many years, an agreement has finally been reached between the 12 countries involved with the TPP (which includes the U.S.). Vietnam and Mexico are two of the creepy countries that will be part of the TPP. Why partner up with those idiots? Mexico gives us major trouble via illegal immigration, and Vietnam is still a communist country [1]. Anyway, bringing the world’s countries closer together is a bad idea; it’s good for Big Business, but it wipes out sovereignty and freedom and increases globalism and therefore hastens the arrival of the NWO, which is basically communism-with-a-briefcase.


[1] the Communist Party of Vietnam controls everything in Vietnam

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    1. -jc Says:

      The U.S. didn’t start getting serious about Vietnam before Nixon. Here’s a timeline from left-liberal TIME magazine in which you can feel their disapproval right down to the number of casualties estimated at the end. When we “pulled out” the communists walked in and it had been pretty much for nothing. My buddy’s name one of the over 58,000 dead on The Wall, http://www.thewall-usa.com, but at least he died chasing the reds back into Cambodia where they would retreat and thumb their noses at lesser Presidents.

    2. George Lenz Says:

      In detail about so-called trans-pacific partnership – a lousy deal: