6 October, 2015

OMG! The Greeks Might Oppose the Jewish, One-Brown-World Agenda

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Jewish media boss #1: “As much as I hate to mention it, we have to face the possibility of…well…Europe remaining White.

Jewish media boss #2: “Oh, my God! Don’t even think it! We’ve worked so hard since 1945. Whiteness is on the way out. Every White country is turning Brown with immigrants and refugees! White women are bedding Brown men two-at-a-time! White people are against the ropes and the referee is about to start the 10-second count! If Europe remains White, then all of our efforts have been wasted!”

Jewish media boss #3: “Maybe I’ll buy another condo in Tel Aviv, just in case…”


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  7. One Response to “OMG! The Greeks Might Oppose the Jewish, One-Brown-World Agenda”

    1. Chandala Says:

      I haven’t read the NYT in a long time.
      I didn’t realize it had become such a propaganda rag.
      It couldn’t get any more “party line”.
      Why doesn’t it just change its name to Pravda?