18 October, 2015

The Walking Dead TV Series

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The TV series “The Walking Dead” is very popular. Why? Here’s a guess: Many viewers strongly relate to it. They feel that America’s best days are far behind her and that she is coming to the point where, to quote Dr. William Pierce, “the center won’t hold.” They feel that some sort of disaster is just around the corner, whether that disaster be financial, medical, political, or otherwise. Some fear WWIII. Some fear another Black Plague. It’s hard to predict the future, but given the fact that idiots control America, anything is possible, so maybe the “Walking Dead” fans aren’t really so paranoid after all…

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    1. fd Says:

      It gets cold in the desert.

      The Permian extinction killed off 95% of life on the planet. It was that extinction that ushered in the dinosaurs. Nature gets edgy. It might be ready for new dna recipes. The White man may be spared just as the birds were during the dinosaur extinction.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      it wouldn’t surprise me if some crazed elements in the elite circles are preparing to unleash some modified pathogen.

    3. Thom McQueen Says:

      actually, cw-2, Tim MdGreen told me exactly that, apparently he has been given some kind of prophet ability, on the other side.

    4. me Says:

      I remember watching another tv series called Helix, where some immortal elites wanted to create a virus to wipe out humanity and replace it with something better, the virus was like altering their dna, making em some freak animals… that being said about the tv show, i think it’s in the air and we all can smell it, something will happen, the world cannot go any longer as it is, either done by force, stupidity or random event

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, we were all saddened by McGreen’s death; in particular by the fact that he took his own life after taking the lives of several innocent people.

      But you must be careful of spirit mediums. These people are experts in the art of “cold reading.” Just a barely raised eyebrow, in response to one of their questions, can tell them volumes about a person, and WHAT HE WANTS TO HEAR.

      Yes, Sri Sreggin Das has told us of authentic, genuine mediums. And yours might indeed be genuine.

      All I am saying is: Be careful, my friend.

      Soon, I will join you in Key West. We will check out this individual together.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      Hey, Thom—McGreen is THE TALKING DEAD!!!!!

      Get it: The Walking Dead . .. . the Talking Dead!!!

      I thought that was pretty good!

    7. fd Says:

      Mister H. called them Sleepwalkers.

      What’s up with McGreen? Is he out there or not.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      According to Thom, Tim McGreen talks to him via a spiritualist medium.

      Tim McGreen took his own life, after shooting up a movie theatre.

      In about a week, I will check out the medium thing.

      I always look for a magician’s trick, I must tell you. That is my starting point.
      The supernatural explantation is only allowed after a thorough investigation.

      I am well-versed in the methods of magicians, con-artists, and deceivers.

    9. Rick Says:


      I am relatively new around here, but I have google his name and a theater shooting and nothing comes out, was it an alias?, are you guys talking in codes?, I`m sorry for asking but I used to read a great deal of his comments, and many were very interesting.

      Best regards!

    10. -jc Says:

      An interesting post followed by such embarrassing comment that I’ll not be forwarding it.

    11. Antagonistes Says:


      Yes, Rick . . . Tim McGreen was John Russell Houser

    12. fd Says:

      I’ve been clairvoyant for as long as I can remember. When I think of McGreen, I see a mixture of dark and light. I’m hoping for the best. McGreen’s polished pen illustrated that he did not have a vulgar mind. No amount of artifice could out maneuver him.

    13. Rick Says:

      Sad thing is he took his own life along with two white women, this is either a tragedy and a disappointment.

    14. Thom McQueen Says:

      As ya know, mates, I have been talking to McGreen from the other side.

      We have not discussed the theatre shooting, yet, but it is boilin on the burner!

      The medium costs $100 a pop, so any contributions would be welcome.

    15. Thom McQueen Says:

      I have worked out a deal with the medium where I will airbrush her completely nude body to appear as “the queen of the witches” at fantasyfest.

      A good deal (I get two free hour-long seances), but what the hell is the queen of the witches?

    16. CW-2 Says:

      Thom, ask if Tim has met up with the ‘greats’ such a Commander Rockwell and Doc Pierce.

    17. fd Says:

      McGreen: The one who comes back.

      Thom McQueen, hold your own séance. McGreen will let you know of his presence.

    18. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tim did tell me this, mates: “Thom, one will come, and is indeed here now, who will imitate me on the VNN website. Do not listen to him.”

      McGreen also said that he was a romantic, but unlucky in love.

      More later, I must be very careful, liked I was inked and stopped by the heavies.

    19. Thom McQueen Says:

      And this is important—-I DID NOT TELL THE MEDIUM ANYTHING ABOUT VNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!