27 November, 2015

Canada, the Sitcom

Posted by Socrates in "gay", brown culture, Brown Man, Camp of the Saints, Canada, homosexual themes, homosexuals, immigration, immigration bills/laws, Socrates, Western aid to the Turd World, Western decline at 12:51 pm | Permanent Link

Canadian immigration official: “Ok, how many of you men are queer?”

Refugee #1: “I am!”

Refugee #2: “So am I!”

Refugee #3: “I love giving BJs!”

Refugee #4: “I’m wearing pink panties underneath these jeans!”

Refugee #5: “I dream about Tom Cruise every night!”


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  7. One Response to “Canada, the Sitcom”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Maybe there is some unintended sanity in Justin Trudeau’s madhouse. At least fag ‘refugees’ won’t be giving AIDS, syphilis etc to stupid Canadian wimmin.