3 December, 2015

America, the Sitcom, Part 24

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USMC Corporal: “I’m sorry, sir, but Private Creamcheese refuses to leave her bunk. I guess we’ll have to drill without her.”

USMC Sergeant: “Why won’t she leave her bunk?”

USMC Corporal: “She broke a fingernail, she ran out of lip gloss, it’s ‘that time of the month,’ and also, she insists on using a rifle with ‘quieter’ ammunition.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “America, the Sitcom, Part 24”

    1. Mary O Says:

      “Dunford did not attend the news conference to announce the change, and when asked about that absence, Carter said he has discussed his decision multiple times with the chairman. In a prepared statement, Dunford said he provided his best military advice on the issue, and now his focus is “to lead the full integration of women in a manner that maintains our joint warfighting capability, ensures the health and welfare of our people, and optimizes how we leverage talent across the joint force.”

      Sounds as though Dunford did not like this plan, but was somehow forced to go along with it. Would a man of his stature destroy our military just for the sake of a golden federal parachute, or has his family been threatened with extreme violence if he didn’t go along?

      Ideology is running amok, and is itself the greatest threat to our national security.

    2. Mary O Says:

      Another example of ideology run amok:

      District 211 votes to give transgender student access to girls’ locker room


      “Discrimination of any form is wrong,” said one district mother who spoke in support of the transgender student.

      Another parent, Teresa Saunders, choked back tears as she appealed to the board to consider, “What if this were your child?

      [I’d shoot him – not for being gay, but for not respecting the feelings of the girls.]

      “I can’t imagine anything more damaging for a student than to be told they are different from all their fellow students,” she said. “In doing so, the administration is treating them as though they weren’t human beings at all.”

      These women should be investigated for taking money from some Soros operative. How is it damaging to be different? Or to be told that you are different?

      Arising in the 60s and 70s, a certain Playboy ideology arose which accused women who preferred a traditional life of marriage & family of just wanting a man to be their “free meal ticket.”

      The fed-guv is following this ideology in denying the importance of physical sexual differences, denying the importance of privacy between the sexes, and denying women what the guv sees as the “special privilege” of not serving in combat.

      A backlash may be setting in among the girls; gay men aren’t seen as “cool” anymore, just whiny and annoying.

      In the 70s, a book called the “The Harrod Experiment” came out, about a college in which students were randomly assigned roommates of the opposite sex, and so forth. The left is aggressively trying to implement the same principles of zero sexual privacy at the high school level. They take their own pop fiction as seriously as Maoists believe in the little red book.