27 December, 2015

New Year’s Project: Help Update “Who Rules America?”

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The National Alliance’s famous essay “Who Rules America?” is very important. It can change minds – it certainly changed mine. But sadly, the essay has not been updated since about 2004 – that’s a long time to go without an update. Well, why not help update it, all of you WNs out there? Read the essay [1], then search the internet (or go to a library) and find out which Jews control which media companies in 2015. Be thorough and careful with your research and make sure an actual Jew really controls “x” media company and not a gentile who “looks like a Jew.” Then, send the information that you find, along with the necessary URLs, to the NA ( [email protected] ) or, you could also post it below, so that NA people can vet the info and add it to the essay. White people everywhere will thank you later. Please help if you can.

[1] [Here] or [Here]

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  7. One Response to “New Year’s Project: Help Update “Who Rules America?””

    1. Will Williams Says:

      Thank you for putting up this notice, Socrates. Well done. The email address is good, but the Hillsboro, WV, addresses given at the bottom of the linked WRA? http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/who-rules-america/ are not where snail mailed correspondence should be sent. Those Hillsboro POBs should be changed to read:

      National Alliance
      POB 172
      Laurel Bloomery, TN 37680

      We appreciate your help with this worthwhile project, friend.