27 December, 2015

Not All White Nationalists Are on the Same Page…

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…and that’s really too bad. Just think of what we WNs might accomplish if we all followed the same ideology, instead of half of us supporting a Jewish-created, egalitarian religion with a Jewish figurehead (i.e., Christianity) [1]. According to the official Biblical narrative, Jesus was in fact a Jew, since he came from the House of David via his mother Mary. How can you worship a Jew and be a WN? Just giving food for thought here.


[1] Jews wrote the Old Testament

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    1. Antagonistes Says:

      It is indeed sad, but I understand where James Edwards is coming from.

      Read “Who Wrote the Gospels?” by Randel Helms. He shows how they were embellished by several authors, none of whom were eyewitnesses. In fact, they got most of their “biographical” info about Jesus from the Old Testament! Which means: They made it up.

      However, I do not WANT James Edwards to read the above-mentioned book. He is a good family man with two children, and he needs a strong faith.

      What do we offer in place of Christian myth?

    2. fd Says:

      A boring, sad sack, rambling essay laced with a Christian mentality.

      Puritans used the Bible as an excuse to burn, press and hang anyone accused of being a witch. Christianity is a creepy, dark religion that wages war on nature.

      WN will be trimmed by the culture in the area it exist. Example: WN in East Texas would be slightly different from WN in North California.

      The South is undergoing its 3d Reconstruction–3d invasion. The first and second didn’t take. After the Federals bomb Stone Mountain, they might Jet over to the Lone Star state and bomb Robert Lee, Texas.

    3. Socrates Says:

      “What do we offer in place of Christian myth?”

      I don’t know…how about Norse/pagan myth? Cosmotheism? [1].

      [1] http://nationalvanguard.org/2013/07/discovering-cosmotheism/


    4. Antagonistes Says:

      To get right to the point, Socrates, people want a religion that tells them that themselves and their loved ones will survive death, personally.

      I don’t think Asatru is too big on that. Cosmo does not allow for it.

      “When we all get to heaven…..”

    5. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, spiritualism proves that we live beyond death.

      We have talked to McGreen.

    6. Mary O Says:

      Most of the Bible Belt never even read the actual Bible. The people who lived at the time Jesus Christ in places like Palestine were actually more sophisticated intellectually than modern-day Evangelical “Christians.” They well understood the concept of symbolism, parable and myth; and they never supposed that these writings were supposed to be literal truth.

      The church I was raised in, Roman Catholicism, does not teach that Jews are the Chosen. If you read St. Paul, he states that Christians are the Chosen.

      However, I remember a nun who taught that Jesus Christ was Jewish because the Jews were the best people of that time; everyone else was a hopeless, bloodthirsty cannibal savage.

      So the whole attitude is that Jews were better behaved than our ancestors; better than the Celts, better than the Romans, better than the ancient Germans, better than the Greeks, better than any Aryan group.

      The fact that any adult would accept this notion demonstrates a huge ignorance of history and culture. So many Americans have no idea of how advanced some of our own ancient civilizations were. They don’t have a clue that the Romans were equally intelligent, and equally civilized as people of today.

      As far as Christianity goes, my grandparents were Christians, and I am sure they would have agreed with a pro-White perspective on social and political issues; however, the Churches have changed.

      With the pope interfering in world politics, and advocating for immigration, the time has come for Whites to leave the Church. Flooding the US with Mexicans and South Americans serves the Church’s interest, the Pope’s interest, but not our interests.

      Do the Protestant churches bring in Africans, hoping that the number of Africans immigrants converted to Protestantism will balance out the number of new Mexican Catholics?

      We need a new religion. Immigration alone is a sufficient reason to get rid of Christianity.

    7. Mary O Says:

      90% of today’s Jews are Ashkenazi, who lived in the Caspian region, and converted to “Judaism” in the eleventh century to avoid being drafted by either the Papacy or the Caliphate, and also to avoid bans on usury. The writings assembled as the Bible were not written by Ashkenazi Jews.

      Also, the Mideast of that time period had many Aryan groups. We don’t really know exactly who authored many of the OT tales. At least one of the psalms is believed to be of ancient Egyptian origin.

      Another reason to get rid of Christianity is the number of people who are so stupid that they believe the Israel has always existed, not just since 1948, and that the Israelis are “people of the Holy Book.” We are giving a foreign power inordinate control of our military, and thereby putting our people in mortal risk — for absolutely no benefit to us.

    8. Socrates Says:

      Mary O: “As far as Christianity goes, my grandparents were Christians, and I am sure they would have agreed with a pro-White perspective on social and political issues; however, the Churches have changed. “

      Mary, I think most WNs were originally Christians. I was a Methodist until about 1990. Then I saw the light (Dr. William Pierce).


    9. fd Says:

      I went to water-white Presbyterian and Methodist churches. Clean shiny churches. No bloody crosses–no fire and brimstone. It was more like a social gathering of White people who never seemed religious at all.

      I rejected Christianity as a kid because it was dark and alien. The bible is a book of horrors to me. My father, who was seldom around, told me the Bible was written by dumb Arabs in the desert.

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Good posts, all.

      When it gets down to it, the Bible-believers’ faith is not in Jesus; it is in the people who wrote the stories about Jesus.

      According to “Who Wrote the Gospels?”, Mark was written by an unknown Gentile man, Luke by an unknown Gentile woman. Matthew is pure Jewish, and John tends heavily toward Gnosticism; or, at least it did until subsequent authors made alterations to the text (which can indeed be seen).

      The gospel writers had no scruples about making wholesale changes to the oral stories they all inherited. Additionally, the author of John drew upon the Egyptian myth of Osiris of Beth-Anu. He changed the names to Lazarus of Bethany.

      These writers were quite intelligent and creative, but the Christians’ faith is ultimately in them, and in the Palestinians who orally circulated the stories before these writers creatively shaped them.

      It is like the ad-men of Madison Avenue, or the script-writers of Hollywood, taking the story of someone abducted by aliens and having their way with it.

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      Thom, an unlikely alliance of scientific materialists and hardcore Christians put an end to the heyday of spiritualism.

      Additionally, only a few spiritualists were authentic. Most were a bunch of obvious frauds.

      But Conan Doyle, William James, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and a slew of others were entranced and perplexed by their encounters with authentic mediums.

      And I believe, like you, that we actually did talk to Tim McGreen. But that is not to be our main focus.

    12. Jürgen Says:


      People ask me all the time, “Jürgen, why aren’t you a Christian anymore?”

      I simply tell them, I have been a scientist now for years: place the Bible and Darwin’s Origin of Species on a table in front of a cliff full of rock layers. Each book makes bold claims about what you will find there. Yet Darwin’s book is right – it explains exactly the order of fossils we scientists find there, in reality, rock layer by rock layer. The rocks are reality; the jew book Genesis is not. It’s JUST THAT SIMPLE

    13. fd Says:

      Good observation, Jürgen. Paleontology and geology are rock solid. Pun intended.

      Ant wrote: “When it gets down to it, the Bible-believers’ faith is not in Jesus; it is in the people who wrote the stories about Jesus.” This is true.

      In 1787, virulent anti-Federalist Patrick Henry called the Constitution a “crazy magazine.” He might have called the Bible a crazy magazine in private.

    14. CW-2 Says:

      Most of the large mainline churches, including the RCC, have over the past 50 years taken on a policy of pro-zionism coupled with anti-White attitudes. In general conduct they are no different from the governments of the counties they inhabit. Both church and state are singing from the same hymn sheet.
      In Western Europe we now have a form of Christianity that does not favor or protect the interests of its adherents. The pastors and preachers are busy building a fag friendly eco-religion and cheer-leading the one world brown man.
      It is likely these fragile churches will easily succumb to islam. Our people will then have to fight for a belief in blood and soil.

    15. Thom McQueen Says:

      Ant, I look forward to our phone seance with the Madame on New Year Eve!


    16. Antagonistes Says:

      Hey, Thom, where have you been?

      Yes, it is true—we are having a seance by phone with the medium who contacted Tim McGreen. She is, I must admit, awesome.

      McGreen is going to tell us what is going to happen this coming year!

      Wooooo, woooooo!

    17. Thom McQueen Says:

      Right, Ant.

      But what makes McGreen a feakin’ expert? Just being dead?

    18. Antagonistes Says:

      Good point, Thom.

      But McGreen convinced us both at the Halloween seance, didn’t he?

      But it is good to remember that the dead speak in riddles.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      If Tim is within the portals of Valhalla the future is withheld from him as it is for us. We can take comfort in knowing that future events are conditional on our actions or lack thereof. The future is open ended, let’s be tirelessly active for our volk!