11 December, 2015

Pearl Harbor: the Crippled Commie FDR Wanted It To Happen

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(Above: Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the U.S. dime. Why?)

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that, as soon as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, (paraphrasing) “I never saw Franklin so peaceful, calm and serene.” I’ll bet. And yet, the man who dragged America into the worst war in history is now…on the U.S. dime! How on earth did that happen? Anyway, Pearl Harbor was the “back door” for America’s entry into WWII. FDR was counting, yes, counting on the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. That would allow America to help Britain fight Nazi Germany (since Japan and Germany were bound together by a treaty). But let’s not forget the Jewish communist, Harry Dexter White: his role in the Pearl Harbor attack was critical. White, a U.S. government adviser, insisted that the American government give Japan an ultimatum that Japan could not possibly accept [1]. The plan worked. It put Japan and America on a collision course, which resulted in the Pearl Harbor attack. White also was a key player in the destruction of China’s economy and the installation of Chairman Mao. Indeed, White was a one-man nation-wrecker.


[1] the ten-point ultimatum, which was authored by White himself

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  7. 4 Responses to “Pearl Harbor: the Crippled Commie FDR Wanted It To Happen”

    1. fd Says:

      Federal jealousy of Germany and Japan. Plundering in the name of Jewish Democratic Capitalism. It is remarkable that such a mixed, schizophrenic government on the Potomac has managed to survive at all.

    2. Luke Says:

      It has ‘survived’ as a direct result of the brainless stupidity and child-like gullibility of the average IQ deficient White asshole who spends all of his free time worshiping and slobbering over African savages playing sports on his 32 inch wide electronic hebrew anus device – instead of reading books and keeping a sharp eye on the SOBs who’ve hijacked his nation.

    3. J├╝rgen Says:

      Luke, you r-o-c-k, bud, so true lol

    4. Mel Brooks Says:

      I happen to like my anus device (a great name for a band, lol), being that it’s not connected to any purveyor of decadence and destruction. It’s astonishing how much worthwhile fare is out there online, sans cable, satellite, etc. And I don’t mean Hulu or Netflix.

      I have heard lately, on that last bastion of half-way decent OTA radio, the late-late shows, glimmers of recognition of the facts about WWII that revisionist historians and others have stated outright. That FDR knew what was up and on orders allowed it to happen. I think however that the generations alive at the time or shortly thereafter are the only ones that could be outraged at such a revelation, should it be common fare for discussion in the mainstream (and it won’t ever be, I’m certain) It may be too far back in the recent past for the young people today to get upset about. Maybe too, they will display a similar lack of interest in the HoilyHoax,THE non-event in all of recorded history…one can only hope.

      What was that A. Wyatt Mann cartoon? Archetypical Yoo, stamping his feet, “but what about the Holocaust”? Business-suited white man, looking at his watch, “OH, is THAT the time? Must dash!” I’ve looked and can’t find it anywhere. Oh well :)