18 December, 2015

The Unwritten Contract Between Western Citizens and Western Governments

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(Note: “government” here refers to federal, state and local governments but refers mostly to federal government)

If you are a White person living in a White, Western country, you have a “contract” of sorts with the government. You register for the military draft and fight wars for the government if needed. You pay taxes. You report crimes if you encounter any. You serve on jury duty. You generally try to be the best citizen you can be. In return, your government protects you in various ways: the police departments, the fire departments, the military, the health departments, and various other entities help to keep you safe [1]. But what if one party to the “contract” is no longer honoring its part of the deal? What if the government is no longer keeping you safe but is actually creating policies which endanger you and other White people? [2]. What then? Is the “contract” still valid if that happens?


[1] e.g., if a food processing plant is found to be unsafe, the FDA or the health department will shut it down

[2] e.g., flooding the White countries with third-world immigrants is not safe for the White people, both in terms of crime and in terms of White cultural decay

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Unwritten Contract Between Western Citizens and Western Governments”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      When I first came to America, I participated in the Hippie protests against Vietnam.

      The whole friggin’ country should have shut down the friggin’ government over that war. Do your sprogs, yoour children mean nothing to you?

      Every one of yous should have been a freakin’ Ned Kelley!

    2. -jc Says: