28 January, 2016

Jews: Never to Blame. Whites: Always to Blame

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Looking back at the time when we children were “learning” about the “Holocaust” in grade school, one thing strikes me as odd: in none of the books, films, and slide shows about the HollowCost was any reason ever given as to why Hitler would hate the Jews. It was as if Hitler just persecuted Jews because, well, he was evil and he didn’t have anything better to do. Of course, Jews were especially known to be subversive people from about 1880 onward: they led the movements which attempted to communize Europe. Indeed, they almost successfully communized Germany and Spain [1]. (The Jew, Marx, wanted to communize Britain most of all) [2]. Jews were also known to be war-mongers and swindlers.


[1] see the book “Communism in Germany” by Adolf Ehrt (has lots of photos) and study the Spanish Civil War with its Jewish/Soviet generals

[2] Quoting Marx, re: England: “Because of its domination of the world market, it is the only country where any revolution in the economic system will have immediate repercussions on the rest of the world”

  • 3 Responses to “Jews: Never to Blame. Whites: Always to Blame”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      Christians love the Holocaust because it shows that demons are still active in today’s world!

      They infested the German people, and made them persecute the Jews!

      Simply because they were God’s People!

      But today the demons have gone out of the German people, since they repented of their sins, and they are very inclusive towards the new immigrants!

    2. archer Says:

      The article made a good point, when I first started hearing about the holocaust, my first question was why would Germany want to do this, there is absolutely no discussion of the causes. The only video of the jews being bulldozed into pits shows them to be emaciated from hunger and disease, it doesn’t make sense that they were gassed when it appears they starved to death.

    3. fd Says:

      It’s a remarkable fact that Hitler’s prescient warning of the Big Lie was used against the 3d Reich, i.e., the holocaust.

      Real holocaust — women and children first: