19 January, 2016

White People Create Great Things. Other People Use Those Great Things to Attack White People

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Who invented universities/colleges? Whites did – specifically, the Greek genius Plato. His “Academy” (circa 387 BC) was the first institution of higher learning. But that shouldn’t surprise you, since Whites gave the world to mankind. Anyway, the liberals and the brownskins need to show some respect for White people and for the institutions that White people gave them. And another thing: the Portland college says this: “the project seeks to inspire innovative and practical solutions to community issues and social problems that stem from racism.” Sounds nifty, but how can racism stem from White people when there’s no such thing as the White race (remember, according to the leftist propaganda, Whiteness is not biological, it’s just a “social construct”)? In other words, according to the Left, “racism” springs from a race that doesn’t exist [1].


[1] a “social construct” is something (e.g., a behavior, a lifestyle) built/created within a society or a culture. A social construct is not natural but “constructed” by people – which is exactly why race is not a “social construct.” Race is biological

  • 5 Responses to “White People Create Great Things. Other People Use Those Great Things to Attack White People”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:

      Whites create
      Jews redistribute
      Niggers and spics destroy

      Whites can no longer put up with this.

    2. Tom Goudeau Says:

      “everything contains the seeds of it’s own destruction” George Lincoln Rockwell.
      Most of the White race is a bunch of money grubbers, and status symbol seekers, who don’t give a fuck about anything but nigger ball, old gory and their pickup trucks, boats and other leisure craft. and thanks to the kikes thats about all they have.

      One comment I noted from a group of Italian girls promoting their regional wines on a cook show, was when one girl said ” we can’t have children, so we promote the wine industry.” I guess the child bearing is left to the groids and spics. Something affirmed by ZOGS new boogy man

    3. Susan Says:

      Yeah well… find enough Whites nowadays with enough balls and backbone to do anything about it.

      You can get back to me on this. If I don’t answer… I’m dead.

    4. fd Says:

      Founders of culture; Bearers of culture; Destroyers of culture.

      The Anglo-Saxon institution styled Portland Community College has designed an ‘educational project’ on Whiteness. Who is the ‘project manager’? If Whiteness is so hateful and ruinous, the manager should immediately outlaw the English language on campus because it’s a Germanic dialect. Is Swahili legal? XXX

    5. Gordon Bakken Says:

      When I visited South Africa, a white man on our bus said, “Whites are responsible for all the problems on earth.” I didn’t know how to respond to that immediately. All I said was “Blacks are dumb.” (Black-White issues are important in South Africa.) Later I tried to restart the conversation. His comment was, “You are a racist. I won’t talk to you.”

      As I thought more about his original comment, it seemed clear to me that, contrary to his comment, Whites are responsible for most of the good that is in the world, at least for the last 1000 years.

      Most inventions are from Whites. Ex: Cars, Airplanes, computers, television, refrigerators, etc. Most all science has come from Whites. Social improvements have also mostly come from Whites. They were the first to outlaw slavery (most of the non-White world still hasn’t). In modern times they introduced concepts like limited government, citizen’s rights, religious tolerance, and the free press. The world would be much worse off without them.