8 February, 2016

Article About Jewish Federal Reserve Founder Paul Warburg

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The Federal Reserve as a savior? Ha! The Federal Reserve actually caused The Great Depression. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve system causes inflation by default by allowing too much money to be available (i.e., whenever there is more of “x” available, it’s automatically worth less, whether it be money or pencils or cars) [1]. Also, the Federal Reserve isn’t “federal.” It’s not a government entity, despite its clever name and its equally-clever “.gov” URL address. What if White people controlled America’s money instead of Jews?


[1] fractional-reserve banking causes too much money to be available. By the way, if you tried “fractional-reserve check writing” (e.g., writing $100 worth of checks on a $10 checking account balance), you’d be arrested for passing bad checks

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    1. fd Says:

      Paul Warburg also known as Daddy Warbucks—Little Orphan Annie.