9 February, 2016

The Female Vote: a Terrible Idea Since 1920

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And it isn’t just female voting that’s a problem, it’s female power in general: women have much more power today than they did in 1970. They control big businesses. They often hold positions of legislative power, and they often control households as well. That’s not a good thing. White men built Western culture and only White men can manage it properly. One big consequence of more female power is the incredible growth of the federal government. Women, like liberals, are big believers in federal power. Furthermore, the female voting bloc is the biggest in America: 54% of votes in elections come from females. It’s no wonder Obama and Bill Clinton were each elected twice [1].

[Article] and [VNN Forum thread].

[1] read the 1989 (paperback version 1992) book “Brain Sex,” which shows how women’s brains are “wired” in such a way that they use lots of emotions in decision-making, whereas men don’t

  • 10 Responses to “The Female Vote: a Terrible Idea Since 1920”

    1. fd Says:

      Women rule by emotion: This is a big true.

      What about the Black Republican Negro 15th amendment (1870)?

      So far as Captain Capitalism, Big Uncle H. called it Jewish Democratic Capitalism.

      These leviathan governments in the West are a complete fraud.

    2. George Lenz Says:

      In fact, female vote is good and proper thing to have in a White society, that strengthens and not weakens it.

    3. mee Says:

      Besides females, i would throw in also that part of society that is not productive in anyway only leeching out of the hard work of the others. Those should have no right to vote because their vote is being bought out. (happends here in romania, with the gypsys mostly before any major vote, political parties offer them food and stuff in their “campaigns”).

      Back to the topic, as stated above by another posted, females feel, they don’t think in a rational way, there fore their decisions will always put us deeper in shit then before. And we still hear feminists out, talking that women have no power bla bla bla. Ask a women about the relationship she is in at the moment and she will tell you what she “feels”, in or a discussion about immigration i had with one, she said “I don;t know what to feel about that” well that will just fuck us all on the long run… thanx to angelika merkel who fucked us all again, and still has the guts to call us out… females leadership… reminds me of that article with just a females only staff in a tv station where all they did was to argue among themselves dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1168182/Catfights-handbags-tears-toilets-When-producer-launched-women-TV-company-thought-shed-kissed-goodbye-conflict-.html

    4. Luke Says:

      Something tells me that George Lenz has a picture of Rosy O’Donnell, Rozanne Barr, Whoopi Goldberg, Gloria Steinum and The Hildebeast carried around inside his wallet.

      And, probably an autographed picture set of Janet Reno and Madeline Albright framed and sitting on the nightstand next to his bed.

    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      Men need to register and vote. Even if you have to vote for a candidate who is half a douche bag. Half a doucebag is better than an entire douche bag. Even when Obunghole got elected I had the satisfactiion inowing I voted against him.

    6. Gordon Bakken Says:

      The original post “The Female Vote: a Terrible Idea Since 1920” was great. This is not something we are supposed to say anymore, but it is still true. Societies work best when run by men. It is hard to think of one in all history that was not dominated by men. They had all come to the same conclusion.
      That is not to say that we want to get rid of women. They are great, and provide a great service to society. Mainly they keep it alive by providing children, and raising them. Important.

    7. Antagonistes Says:

      There is, like anything else, good mixed with bad in the female vote.

      Overall, I am quite impressed with the way the females that I know vote.

      I think people with property, or their own business— things like that—-should get more votes. They have more skin in the game.

    8. fd Says:

      Voting serves no purpose when it’s a fixed game. The actors and actresses are preapproved. One of many safeguards to protect Federal tyranny.

    9. fd Says:

      The ancient Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland were healthy matriarchal societies. Those people were tough.

    10. Socrates Says:

      Can’t log in. When I can, I will approve messages (probably).