27 February, 2016

The Latest in Human Equality: Fat Acceptance

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Well, humans are almost equal now. Remember: the burden isn’t on the fat chick. The burden is on you for noticing that the chick is fat! That’s the M.O. of the human equality movement: always shift the burden from the guilty to the innocent! Karl Marx must be smiling in his grave now, his mission nearly accomplished. Nobody popularized the idea of human equality like Marx did. Communism was a worldwide equality/”leveling” movement (everyone was leveled and equally miserable), despite the fact that it only took root in a handful of countries (although you could argue that Cultural Marxism has now enslaved the West). Like most “equality” movements, the fat acceptance movement has Jewish roots, e.g., one of its founders was Judy Freespirit (true name Berkowitz)[1].


[1] Interestingly and confusingly, Karl Marx claimed that he found the idea of human equality/egalitarianism to be only a bourgeoisie political notion and therefore a worthless idea during the first phases of communism. According to Marx, only in the later phases of communism – when the state has “withered away,” all classes have been abolished, and humans have “shed the skin” of their former selves – can human equality become a reality and not just a cheap, bourgeoisie slogan. But let’s face it: talking about Marxism is bullshit, because Marxism itself is bullshit. It’s a 3-dollar bill. Communism was not designed to work. It was designed to ultimately destroy White society (to quote Marx: communism “abolishes the present state of things”)

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    1. George Lenz Says:

      In fact, communist is effective and efficient ideology of human progress, that works as intended, wherein adapted to local conditions, creating strong nation-states with strong military. Modern China and North Korea are just two examples of strong nation states with strong military that rise up due to communist ideology. In fact, communism creates collective agriculture, industry, education, medical care and culture that are competitive and often superior to the capitalist ones. The only field in which communism is inferior to capitalism is production of wealth for individuals and production of consumption goods, but communism is not intended to focus on production of wealth for individuals.

      As for equality, communism indeed denied equality between that enslaving and oppressing economic, social and ethnic elites and enslaved and oppressed masses of humanity, between wolves and the sheep. And communism indeed acknowledges that only after abolishment of the state and social classes will true equality be established between all men and women.

      Furthermore, communism is intended and designed to work without error: it is ideology of freedom, justice and prosperity of the collective of men, not an ideology of individual freedom, justice and prosperity as western democracy.

    2. Socrates Says:

      Tell me, Lenz, why did Cuba finally allow some small-time capitalism (i.e., “dollar stores”)? I’ll tell you why: THEY HAD TO. Cuba’s “mother,” the Soviet Union, collapsed, and after that, communism, by itself, could not support Cuba. As for China and North Korea, China’s communism is no longer “pure” communism, and N.K. is supported to a good degree by China. So, communism, by itself, cannot last. Indeed, in the 1930s, the USA bailed out the Soviet Union, which would have collapsed on its own. The international loans they got were due entirely to FDR, the crippled commie.

    3. George Lenz Says:

      In fact, soviet union won the second world war, became a superpower and lasted more than 70 years. As for Cuba, Cuba naturally desires to trade with the USA, its closest and richest trade partner, as a state not self-sufficient in natural resources, and there is nothing bad about it.

      In fact, people like you don’t like communism, because communism made irrelevant existence of God or gods in politics, thereby preventing economic, social and ethnic elites from ascribing their abominable deeds and felony crimes unto God or gods, and making their population into sheeple by religious propaganda as well as properly identifying economic causes of political events. Communism is materialist and rational in its outlook, and capitalists are not happy with communism, because communism prevents indoctrination of the population with religious propaganda, essential for smooth functioning of capitalism, identifies economic causes of political events and capitalists that profit from them, and instills scientific world outlook and high culture within masses of men and women.