4 February, 2016

Thoughts on “Free Trade”

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“We are now, however, seeing one of the pitfalls I warned against back during the debate over “free trade.” We are seeing what “interdependence” really means. “Interdependence” is one of those very trendy concepts which is fashionable among air-headed liberals and also is being pushed very enthusiastically by hardheaded Jewish media bosses. The idea is that no country — with the exception of Israel, of course — should be independent and autonomous. Autonomy has been given a nasty flavor by these people. To them it is a Politically Incorrect concept. It is a bit like fascism or racism, they would have us believe. What we should have instead of independence and autonomy is interdependence: that is, all of the countries of the world dependent on each other to such a degree that no country can act unilaterally on any matter, but must first obtain the consent of all of the other countries on which it is dependent: like a big “family of nations,” a very fashionable idea in this feminine era, a very warm and fuzzy sounding idea, the sort of idea in favor with the Clinton crowd and with air-heads generally.”


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