30 March, 2016

America’s Unofficial Motto

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It’s this: “Everything we do, we do for the Jew.” This includes fighting or supporting endless wars in the Middle East for Israel’s benefit. The 2003 Iraq War was waged for Israel, as you can read at the end of this news article. Furthermore, Israel is the only country on earth that gets its American foreign aid money in one lump sum, rather than piecemeal. Also, America pays Egypt millions of dollars per year to “be nice” to Israel.


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  7. 5 Responses to “America’s Unofficial Motto”

    1. Thomas Says:

      Hillary Clinton is a nasty whore. Isreal is to blame for instability in the region, not Iran or Syria. She’s either a liar or stupid.

    2. Thomas Says:

      Israel. But then again who cares if you spell it right? Just a shitty little country full of vampire demons.

    3. fd Says:

      Israel is a welfare state. The Federals operate by payola at the sufferance of the tax payer.

    4. Tim Says:

      “Everything we do, we do for the Jew.”

      Ought to go on the US Flag

    5. axeman Says:

      Thugs luv our dough though