14 March, 2016

Donald Trump Is Popular Due to Financial Reasons?

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Maybe partly, but not really. Many White people are beginning to realize that their country and their culture (Western culture, a.k.a. White culture) are under attack from all sides: from immigration, from the media, from the Jews and the Left, from the public schools, from the federal government [1], from globalism and “free trade”, etc. Many Whites see Trump as the last chance they have to save their country, and they’re probably right: there’s maybe a 10-or-15-year window of time in which to rescue what remains of “White America.” (Granted, it may already be too late to rescue White America. It will all depend on how many Whites adopt White nationalism as a philosophy and a way-of-life).


[1] e.g., Affirmative Action, open-borders policies, anti-White federal courts

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  7. 2 Responses to “Donald Trump Is Popular Due to Financial Reasons?”

    1. fd Says:

      10 or 15 years sounds about right for saving what’s left of a healthy White society. It’s also wishful thinking. I believe we’re down to cutting our losses. A White renegade economy could be our future. Blood based insurrection will be forced on us.

    2. Tina Carter Says:

      Don’t make much of a different. Nonetheless, it’s amusing to see another Le Pen copycat on the rise. Le Pen (nationalist party of France) had a leader with daughter married to a Jew.

      go figure