31 March, 2016

Donald Trump’s Comments on Abortion

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In America, there are several things that you aren’t “allowed” to question. One thing is: any part of The Holocaust, no matter how small it may be. Another thing is: the sacred “right” of a woman to have an abortion on demand. To question any part of that “right” is to be an evil person – never mind that Roe v. Wade was a completely illegitimate ruling since it violates the 10th Amendment, i.e., abortion shouldn’t be a federal issue but a state-by-state issue [1]. So now, Trump has been called into Republican headquarters and asked to explain himself, and he will backtrack on his abortion comments, lest the Republicans lose the crucial female vote (which is a shocking 56% of all votes in America. Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton won the presidency via the female vote, and that should worry you).


[1] Furthermore regarding Roe v. Wade, an abortion isn’t a “private” act, unless you have it done in your house, and a doctor doesn’t know about it, and your health insurance doesn’t pay for it, which isn’t the case 99.9% of the time. However, this only applies to Whites, since The United States of America was founded as a White republic. If Blacks and Browns want abortions, let them have them

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    1. Luke Says:

      Here is a warning to White Females about the November 2016 elections.

      If you race traitorous, evil bitches decide to vote against Donald Trump because he answered a hypothetical ‘set up’ question about what would or should be hypothetically meted out as punishment to White women who seem to get major orgasms over their ‘legal’ ability to exterminate White fetuses that are inconvenient to their careers or to their party girl, disgustingly promiscuous, depraved and immoral lifestyles – and we wind up with the vile and despicably evil Hildebeast or some other Commie Pinko anti-White jew piece of shit in the White House for the next 4 or 8 years, if you White chicks think that the White Nationalist contempt for the race treasonous and racially suicidal voting habits of White females is bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

      If that evil bitch lesbo wife of the Slickmeister ever winds up in the Oval Office – there WILL BE A SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION and there are plenty of sturdy trees with limbs about 12 or 15 feet off the ground that desperately need to be decorated.

      Oh, and one other thing. When this evil Hildebeast witch gets into the Oval Office and opens up the flood gates and starts importing millions of nasty smelling muslims and when these muslim animals start attacking and gang raping White females in the street – DO NOT expect any White man to lift a finger or risk a hair on his ass to come to your defense.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Tim McGreen has already told us the the Hildebeast will win.

      Told us that back in January.

      The hidebeast and Anglea Merkel.

      Here is a pic of Angela Merkel getting a body-paint job:


    3. CW-2 Says:

      Thom, is that a pic of you bravely and with steady hand applying paint Merkel’s sister?
      I suspect Tim, joker that he is/was, is having a bit of a laugh. Anyway, I’m not sure the denizens of Valhalla have full access to earthly goings-on.

    4. Thom McQueen Says:

      You are spot on, CW-2. That was indeed Merkel’s sister. “helga” if I recall. Had two marriages, and wanted to look spiffy for number 3. Well, luck to her!
      Maybe a boomer will come for her, but no one else.

      I have a pic of an equally bodgy Angela somewhere. Will find it.

      But Tim seemed to be straight. We’ll see, come November.