20 March, 2016

“International” Concern About a Donald Trump Presidency

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Globalist Jew #1: “If Trump becomes president, he might not continue the endless-wars-for-Israel habit that America has acquired!”

Globalist Jew #2: “Yes! And our dream of creating a One World Order, with one government, one currency and no borders, could be doomed!”

Globalist Jew #3: “He might audit the Federal Reserve! Nobody has ever done that before!”

Globalist Jew #4: “What if Trump gets rid of America’s debt-money system? And what if other countries follow suit? It would be like Hitler all over again!”

Globalist “Social Justice Warrior” activist: “How can I be a successful SJW if Trump builds a giant wall on the border? America could actually become less diverse and less tolerant!”


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  7. One Response to ““International” Concern About a Donald Trump Presidency”

    1. Luke Says:

      This ‘conversation’ is satire, I know – but I would bet every dime I have in the bank that Schlomo has yet to steal from me that this is a 100 percent accurate account of the shit that jews like Soros, Schumer, Netanyahu, and the rest of them are having inside their private meetings.

      More and more, I find myself agreeing with Alex Linder’s ultimate and truly final solution to the J.P.