16 March, 2016

The Limits of Toleration

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“This do-your-own-thing ethic has been pushed hard by the controlled media since the 1960s, and it has had a profoundly destructive effect on our society. It’s a soft, fuzzy, feminine sort of ethic which is easy to push to absurdity, but logic isn’t a strong point for the moral relativists, and they don’t let that discourage them. They just drift morally with it and feel quite comfortable. It’s an ethic which relieves them and everyone else of responsibility. No guilt, no tension. It’s like a drug. And it fits in perfectly with the push by the media and the government toward multiculturalism, toward more diversity.

For the non-judgmental crowd the society that exists in Haiti, for example, is not inherently inferior to our society. The Haitians, to be sure, have a different life-style, a different way of behaving, but that doesn’t mean that our way is better, the non-judgmentalists will tell you.”


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